Candlebox will release a live acoustic album, “Live At The Neptune,” on June 23rd.  

The ’21 performance features the band’s original members – Kevin Martin, Peter Klett, Bardi Martin and Scott Mercado.  

“Live At The Neptune” was recorded at the Neptune Theatre in the band’s hometown of Seattle. 

The occasion was a one night only show to celebrate the 26th anniversary of their sophomore album “Lucy.” The setlist features songs from the band’s first two albums.

Track Listing:

Side A

01. Cover Me

02. Blinders

03. He Calls Home

04. Change

Side B

01. Blossom

02. Sometimes

03. You

04. Far Behind

Candlebox formed in ’91. Known for the songs “Far Behind” and “You,” the Grunge band has sold over seven million albums worldwide.

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