The Traveling Wilburys (Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne) deliver their multi-platinum debut album “Vol. 1.”  1988
Soundgarden’s “Superunknown” goes triple platinum (sales over 3 million). 1994
The band’s fourth album debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200.
Nirvana’s live “From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah” enters the U.S. chart at #1. 1996
The father of Rock n’ Roll, Chuck Berry, is born. 1926
Gary Richrath is born in Peoria, IL. The REO Speedwagon guitarist stays with the band from ’71 until ’89. 1949
The late Doobie Brothers drummer Keith Knudsen is born. The Le Mars, IA, native takes up the drums while in high school. 1952
Paul McCartney plays his first show with the Quarrymen. He blows the solo on “Guitar Boogie.” The Quarrymen eventually become The Beatles and Paul switches to bass. 1957
Guns N’ Roses, opening for the Rolling Stones in L.A., are not up to par, due to drug use, and that sends vocalist Axl Rose around the bend leading him to threaten, onstage, to quit the group. 1989
Bob Seger is inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk. 1994
Marilyn Manson, opening for Nine Inch Nails, is banned (for moral reasons) from performing in Salt Lake City. Still, N.I.N. leader Trent Reznor invites Manson onstage and explains why Manson’s group isn’t playing that evening. In the process, Reznor shreds “The Book of Mormon” and tosses it into the crowd. 1994
George Michael (Wham!) buys the piano John Lennon used to write “Imagine” at auction for $2.1 million.   2000
The U2 vocalist Bono and Representative John Lewis (D-GA) receive the Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. The award goes to people who have advanced civil rights. 2004
Bono (U2) goes to Capitol Hill to address a group of House Democrats about his concerns over debt relief for impoverished nations and the ongoing global AIDS crisis. In his spare time, he and his bandmates perform a pair of D.C. concerts. 2005
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke says the band may refuse to continue touring if something isn’t done to reduce the environmental impact of a major act hitting the road. “The way that tours are structured now and the way it works is a ridiculous consumption of energy,” contends Yorke. 2006
A class-action lawsuit is filed against Aerosmith by fans who bought tickets for a nixed Maui concert. While ticket holders did receive refunds, the action seeks damages for travel expenses and other nonrefundable fees. The group’s management claims that Aerosmith bowed out of the show for logistical reasons. However, the lawyer involved in the suit counters that the band was able to play apparently more lucrative shows in Chicago and Honolulu that same week. 2007
The Police’s Sting and his wife Trudy are honored for their support of environmental causes by the Oceana conservation organization in Los Angeles. There are no reports of either of them abusing the help. 2008
Aerosmith play the first of two make-up shows required in a settlement that resulted from legal action instigated by fans two years earlier. A concert on Maui (see above) comes two days later. 2009
“Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It” premieres on VH1. The reality series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Poison vocalist. 2010
“Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel,” is available on iTunes. Written by Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy with art by Flameboy, the graphic, digital book and app tells Cobain’s life story in comic book style. App users can go through the novel page by page or frame by frame. 2011
Chuck Berry celebrates his 90th birthday with his first album in 38 years, “Chuck.” 2016
L.A. Kiss, the arena football team owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, is one of a handful of teams that cease operations. 2016
During Disturbed’s concert Midland, TX, a woman in the audience tosses her bra on stage. “Jesus Christ, is that from you?” singer David Draiman asks. “Now, I want you to know, this woman’s boobs are so big, she could solve world hunger,” says Draiman. Later, he thanks the woman by handing her a t-shirt. A class act all the way. 2016
Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe reports that he’s auctioned off his Grammy medallion and certificate for the band’s ‘06 single “Redneck.” It goes for $3,050 with all funds going to Blythe’s sister-in-law Bianca, who is battling Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer.  2018