JULY 22nd
Just nineteen days after lead singer Jim Morrison’s untimely departure (death), The Doors are awarded a gold record for their “L.A. Woman” album. 1971
“My Aim Is True,” Elvis Costello’s debut album is issued in the U.K. The set is later released in the U.S. 1977
“Bent,” by Matchbox 20, is the #1 song in the U.S. 2000
Supertramp keyboardist/songwriter, Richard Davies born in Wiltshire England. 1944
Take it to the limit. The Eagles drummer and singer Don Henley is born in Gilmer, TX. 1947
Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman appear in court on charges of “insulting behavior” for relieving themselves on a gas station wall after the attendant denied them access to the Men’s Room. They are fined. 1965
The Who release the single “Join Together.” 1972
Woodstock ’99 begins in Rome, NY. Fire, rain and riots – in other words, a disaster. Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crowes provide the soundtrack for the destruction. 1999
Peter Frampton sues Billabong clothing company for using “baby I love your waves” as a marketing slogan. Frampton claims it is “an obvious reference” to his hit song “Baby, I Love Your Way.” No kidding. 2004
Yikes. The Kerry/Edwards ticket faces another onslaught from the left when David Crosby and Graham Nash announce they are running to be co-presidents. Regardless of the fact the Nash, born in England, can’t be president, vice president or even co-president, the pair have an interesting agenda which includes: the cleaning out of Area 51 “to address the illegal alien issue,” free money and a night in the Lincoln bedroom to donors who can pay $200 grand for the privilege. Thankfully, Stephen Stills has the good sense to stay home. 2004
Rob Zombie’s gore flick, The Devil’s Rejects, is in theaters. It’s Zombie’s second horror film. 2005
Boston leader Tom Scholz receives the Celebrity Animal Advocate of the Year award at the Animal Rights National Conference in L.A. The guitarist dedicates the honor to late Boston singer Brad Delp, who took his own life the previous March. “(Brad’s) commitment to ethical vegetarianism over 30 years ago was a major factor in my emerging awareness of the unnecessary cruelty to animals in our society,” says Scholz. 2007
Candlebox issue their comeback album, “Into The Sun.” This is the Seattle group’s first studio effort since 98’s “Happy Pills.” “Making this record reminded me of the first album,” says guitarist Peter Klett. “We didn’t feel that we needed to find the sound, it was there and the goal was to capture it in the recording.” 2008
The Neil Young-directed Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour documentary, CSNY: Deja Vu is out. “It’s got rough spots all the way through it, which I think is refreshing,” says Young. Acting as the project’s promo guy, Young claims that it’s the “best album the quartet has ever made.” 2008
Dream Theater’s “Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory” is named the Best Prog Rock Album of all time in a Rolling Stone readers’ poll.  2012
Tragically Hip launch their farewell tour following news that frontman Gord Downie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The brief trek begins in Victoria, B.C. 2016
Billboard reports that Queen’s original 1975 promo video for “Bohemian Rhapsody” has garnered more than one billion views on YouTube. It’s the first pre-1990s music video to hit that mark.  2019
Seether’s Shaun Morgan lists his “top three commandments of Rock.” (1) Gotta be true to yourself; (2) Write from the heart lyrically; (3) Have fun. So many people that take themselves so seriously, and they drink their own Kool-Aid.  2021