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Without the electric guitar Rock and Rock n' Roll would have never happened. Or if it had, it wouldn't have had the impact it did. In the '30s and '40s, the guitar was a favored instrument in Blues and Country, largely because of its cost and mobility. Guitars were relatively cheap and you could easily carry one from home to a dance or from town to town. By contrast, a piano was a piece of furniture, was horrible to move and tough to tune. Every poor boy in the south, regardless of race, could scrape together a few dollars to buy a guitar. Later, just about every poor boy in England did the same. But the guitar's accessibility didn't make it great. During the Big Band era of the early '40s guitar players, playing acoustic instruments, could hardly be heard beside the horns and the rhythm section. But the notion came to Leo Fender, Les Paul and others, to plug a guitar into an amp, creating a new and exciting sound.

By the time Rock n' Roll came around the electric guitar was ready to rumble. Over the years the guitar was the centerpiece of Surf, Acid Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk and Grunge. The guitar's sound has traveled through fuzz boxes, wah-wah pedals, flanges and other wayward devices. The end result was truly powerful.

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