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It seems as Rock ages, the more it resembles the business world. In business, life-long, or at least long-term, connections are vital. In that context, guitarist Matt Sweeney comes to mind.

Back in '90, Sweeney was a member of New Jersey Metal-plus band Skunk. Some guy from Chicago, whose own band had just recorded their first album "Gish," was a fan. Venturing backstage, Billy Corgan bonded with Sweeney. They shared the same musical tastes and ambitions. A couple years later, Corgan expressed the desire to get with Sweeney once the Smashing Pumpkins were done. That was going to be a while so Sweeney thrashed away with the barely remembered Chavez.

A meeting in late '00, after the Pumpkins had disbanded, led Corgan and Sweeney to decide the time was right. Former Pumpkins' drummer Jimmy Chamberlin was in, along with third guitarist (in addition to Sweeney and Corgan) David Pajo (another Metal vet). Bassist Paz Lenchantin, formerly with A Perfect Circle, completed the Zwan line-up.

Following the release of "Mary Star of the Sea" and tour, Corgan confessed he didn't care for the Zwan experience (too much Rock star B.S./posing) and left to go solo. That pretty much ended Zwan.

Zwan Discography

"Honestly," the mid-tempo Rocker with hit written all over it, is the first release from Zwan's debut "Mary Star Of The Sea." While there are acoustic touches throughout, as there were on the great Pumpkins' tracks, the three-guitar attack, along with Corgan's trademark vocals, Rocks. No complaints.

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