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It was a music business irony that the Zombies' biggest success came after the group had disbanded. When "Time of the Season" reached the #3 on the U.S. pop charts in '69, keyboard player and focal point, Rod Argent, had started another group.

The Zombies formed in '63 around Argent and lead singer Colin Blunstone. Successfully mixing jazz elements into Rock 'n' Roll, they had a series of hits including "Tell Her No" and the classic "She's Not There." The latter's success resulted in U.S. tour offers. The Zombies were held up at immigration due to fears that too many British musicians were entering the U.S. It was 1964 after all. Ultimately, they cleared that hurdle.

By '66, the Zombies were disenchanted with their career, which despite the hits, had been a sputtering affair. They left Decca and subsequently signed with Columbia Records. Argent and bassist Chris White spearheaded the production of the "Odessey and Oracle" album, with the deliberately misspelled title. A few months before the album was to be released Blunstone and guitarist Paul Atkinson packed it in figuring this new project wouldn't cut it.

"Odessey and Oracle" got positive reviews in the U.K., but it took considerable persuasion from Blood, Sweat & Tears founder, Al Kooper, to convince Columbia to release "Odessey and Oracle" in the U.S. Almost eleven months later "Time Of The Season" from that LP became a huge hit after building gradually.

Though the group was no more, there was still money to be made from the unsuspecting public. Several bogus Zombies toured the U.S. and were only stopped through legal action.

Rod Argent teamed up with singer Russ Ballad (who later sang on Santana's "Winning") and created Argent. The Rock ballad "Hold Your Head Up" was the most notable result.

Zombies  Discography

While "Odyssey And Oracle" is the Zombies' premier studio album, it makes sense to pick up their essential songs on "Time Of The Zombies."


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