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Young Veins

Usually when bands split, former members dart off in four or five directions. Occasionally though, there are partnerships that continue. By the time Panic At The Disco (aka Panic! At The Disco) broke up over "creative differences" in the summer of '09 guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker had established a strong working relationship. "Ever since {the album} "Pretty. Odd..," we've been writing songs together, so it's been a gradual thing," Ross told Rolling Stone. Walker moved from bass to guitar and the pair brought in drummer Nick Murray and bassist Andy Soukal. The last to join was keyboardist Nick White.

Young Veins was the result. Ross also brought along his girlfriend, singer Elizabeth Bergin, who added backing vocals. Produced by Alex Greenwald (of Phantom Planet) and Rob Mathes (the producer of "Pretty. Odd..") working on separate tracks, "Take A Vacation!" features classic L.A. influences (Garage and Folk Rock).
Young Veins Discography

"Take A Vacation!" is slated for a summer '10 release.

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