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Year Long Disaster

Year Long Disaster

Bands don't usually start with members getting wasted - though a lot end that way. Singer-guitarist Daniel Davies, son of the Kinks founding guitarist Dave Davies, and bassist Rich Mullins were just about at the end of their tether when the two met in a Hollywood grocery store. In fact, Mullins was homeless. Within a matter of days, the pair were sharing an apartment and going on drinking and crack binges. Amazingly, they pulled themselves out of their self-inflicted stupor and spent seven months in drug rehabilitation and halfway houses.

In late '04, Davies and Mullins went to see Hours And Minutes. The band's drummer, Brad Hargreaves, was better known as a member of Third Eye Blind. They asked Hargreaves to jam with them and Year Long Disaster was born. At about that same time, Third Eye Blind played the Kinks on the TV show American Dreams. Hargreaves was somewhat intrigued that he knew the son of an actual Kinks member.

The trio starting playing gigs in the L.A. area and caught the attention of the Killers' producer, Marc Needham. An EP was followed by their self-titled full-length debut in '07.

Year Long Disaster Discography

Hey dude, welcome to the '70s. Year Long Disaster is not so much like the Kinks as Foghat, Mountain and numerous other heavy handed meat-and-potatoes riff-Rockers. Think early Deep Purple sans keyboards. Despite the band's history with drugs their album calls for rose colored glasses, a bottle of cheap red wine and a joint.

Year Long Disaster has two modes of operation: Pile driving Rock ("Cold Killer" and "It Ain't Luck") and Metal Boogie ("The Fool And You"). The latter is preferable.

And rather than mess with ordinary song titles, Year Long Disaster makes some interesting connections in Italian and Spanish: Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu" - Italian for a Few Dollars More: the title of the Clint Eastwood '60s spaghetti western; "Leda Atomica" - also title of a Salvador Dali painting; and "Galea Aponeurotica" - a medical term for a part of the head. Clever, these guys.

But despite allusions, Year Long Disaster is really a gut-bucket Metal trio and a good one at that.

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