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World Fire Brigade

Three years after his '06 departure from Fuel, singer Brett Scallions teamed with Fuel bassist Jeff Abercrombie for Re-Fueled. "Jeff and I have remained friends, he called me up a while back and we decided - let's go out and have fun because he and I haven't played together in a while," said Scallions. "It just seemed like the timing was right." Former Buckcherry guitarist Yogi Lonich and drummer Ken Schalk completed the line-up. But when it came time to tour Abercrombie walked and was replaced former Shinedown bassist Brad Stewart. This line-up eventually became an updated edition of Fuel.

Then Stewart and Schalk were rolled into World Fire Brigade which was originally conceived as a songwriting vehicle for Scallions, Sean Danielsen and producer Eddie Wohl.

Danielsen formed Smile Empty Soul in '98 with bassist Ryan Martin and drummer Derek Gledhill. Wohl produced Smile Empty Soul albums, "Consciousness" ('09) and "3's" ('12).

"It's much heavier than anything I ever did with Fuel," said Scallions of World Fire Brigade. "We've done a lot of stuff in lower tones which is a first for me also, it's very deep, heavy, and even growly at times."

World Fire Brigade released their debut album, "Spreading My Wings," in '12.

"This is a record filled with all emotions, songs that fall back and forth from major to minor (keys)," said Brett Scallions. "I love that it's a heavy record with sing-a-long melodies. You don't hear that too much in this style of music."

The set had guest appearances by a trio of guitarists: Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, Anthrax's Rob Caggiano, and Fuel Andy Andersson.

World Fire Brigade Discography


2012 Spreading My Wings

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