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White Lung

The Emergency Room in Vancouver was not a medical facility but rather a practice and performance space in the underground parking lot of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design on Granville Island. Founded in '07, it became an important venue for the city's DIY and noise Rock practitioners.

A year earlier, the feminist Punk band White Lung formed taking their name from a disease that afflicted bakers. It was suggested by a band friend, who was a baker. At a time when the group needed a name that was the one that stuck. "It sounded pure but intrinsically disgusting," explained vocalist Mish Way. "I liked it immediately."

White Lung eventually became one of the Emergency Room's core acts. However, the venue's success led to its downfall. First, the local media began noting the performances and so did the police. Due to the rowdy crowds, the Emergency Room was repeatedly fined for noise, alcohol and safety code violations. There were even robberies. It became too much and the Emergency Room shut down in late '08.

White Lung's time in the Emergency Room served them well. The group's full length debut album, "It's The Evil," dropped in '10 and was nominated for Punk/Hardcore Artist/Group of the Year at the 2011 Canadian Music Week Indie Awards. They lost to Cancer Bats. However, Exclaim! magazine, Canada's self-proclaimed music authority, named "It's The Evil" the Punk Album of the Year.

Two years later, White Lung's sophomore effort, "Sorry," arrived. Produced by Jesse Gander, the set extended the group's reach earning favorable write-ups from Spin, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Exclaim!

In '13, bassist Grady Mackintosh left but he was not immediately replaced. Rather, guitarist Kenneth William also played bass for White Lung's third album "Deep Fantasy." "It was kind of stressful to do more work, but I liked it," stated William. Rolling Stone placed the album at #38 on their list of The 40 Greatest Punk Albums of All-Time.

Later, Hether Fortune, frontwoman from the Bay Area Post-Punk/Goth-Pop band Wax Idols and a good friend of Way's, was enlisted to play bass.

White Lung's "Paradise" was produced by Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids). A reviewer for The Guardian in the U.K. called the '16 album "an alluring blur of distortion and melody."

White Lung Discography


2010 It's The Evil
2012 Sorry
2014 Deep Fantasy
2016 Paradise

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