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White Denim

Lifting members from other bands is a time honored tradition that pre-dates Rock N' Roll. In '05, Parque Touch and Peach Train played a club gig in Austin. Following the show Peach Train bassist Steve Terebecki was asked to join Parque Touch, which he did. Shortly thereafter, Parque Touch changed their name to White Denim.

They began recording in '07, eventually signing with the online label RCRD LBL. The group played SXSW (in Austin) and the CMJ Music Marathon where their Punk-infused Blues resonated. White Denim made the trek to Europe for some dates after being signed by the U.K.'s Full Time Hobby label and the release of the singles "All You Really Have To Do" and "Shake Shake Shake."

Back in the U.S.A. the group began work on their full-length debut. But they weren't particularly interested in releasing a CD, even though it was eventaully available in that format. "CDs seem pretty worthless to us" said a band statement. Their debut originally came out as a CDR under the title "11 Songs."

White Denim and Transmission Entertainment created a digital record company so fans could buy and download music (including unreleased and live tracks) in various formats (Mp3 or FLAC format). And taking an 'old school' step back, White Denim's debut "Explosion" was also issued on 12"and 7" vinyl copies.

"Fits" was originally released only in Europe but with the signing of a U.S. deal with Downtown Records, the set landed in October, '09, four months after its European release.

With the addition of guitarist Austin Jenkins, White Denim self-released 12 tracks under the title "Last Day Of Summer." "Many of these tunes have been bouncing around since the formation of the band back in 06," noted a band statement. "We were super pumped to utilize a few fresh and casual musical approaches on this record."

Returning to the Downtown imprint, White Denim issued their fifth studio effort, "D," in '11.

"Corsicana Lemonade" dropped two years later.
White Denim Discography

Studio Albums:

2008 Workout Holiday
2008 Exposion
2009 Fits
2010 Last Day Of Summer
2011 D
2013 Corsicana Lemonade

In the late-spring of '67, with the Summer of Love only weeks away, you could walk down just about any street and see two cars stranded in the driveway with the garage door closed. Behind the door was a trio running through their repertoire. Distorted, the sound seeped out in waves. The bass and drums were locked in a tight rhythm as the guitarist covered the ground between Steve Cropper and Jeff Beck. White Denim sounds like one of those vintage garage/psychedelic groups on "Explosion." A set only available, initially, as a download.

White Denim demonstrates their Garage Rock creed on "Don't Look At It That Way," "Transparency" and "Shake Shake Shake." The latter sounds like a take-off of the Jets' "Are You Gonna Be My Girl."

While "Shake Shake Shake" and "All You Really Have To Do" earned early attention, the sharp "Migration Wind" and the jaunty piano closer "Sitting" are worthy of notice. "All Truckers Roll" is change-up. Coming across like an acoustic Country song gone bad it's in the same vein as the Stones' "(The Girl With) Far Way Eyes."

"Fits" veers toward noise and odd ball combinations (banjo and feedback on "Say What You Want") but also delivers 70's R&B and '60s psychedelic ("Mirrored And Reversed").

"D" drops the noise excursions. However, they still venture into the '60s with "Drug" (what better song to evoke that era?). "At The Farm" is a guitar tour de force while "Burnished" puts a Stevie Wonder spin on an Allman Brothers styled track. And that's White Denim's turf, blending R&B and Country elements into new shapes.

"Cosicana Lemonade" proves that Southern Rock is alive and well. The group finds an easy groove on most tracks and ride it out. The 'almost boogie' feel gives the set a fun feeling without becoming overly predictable.

"A Night In Dreams" could be a Boston track on a tighter budget (which is pretty good) but when White Denim play to their core strengths on the title track, "Distant Relative Salute" and "Pretty Green," they are at their best.

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