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Formed in '95 by two college friends, Levesque and Harney, Wheat soon added Brennan and bassist Kenny Madaras. The Taughton, MA group hooked up with Chicago based Sugar Free Records. Following a couple projects Madaras left and the group continued as a trio. Eventually, Camarce was added on bass. Wheat made their major label debut on Aware/Columbia in November '03 with "Per Second, Per Second, Per Second ... Every Second."

Wheat songs made appearances in a couple films. There was Cameron Crowe's '04 flick Elizabethtown ("Don't I Hold You") and, a year later, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton ("Some Days"). Wheat released the full-length "Every Day I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made One Inch Square" in '07.

Wheat Discography

Wheat plies a loose, friendly sound fronted by Levesque's evocative vocals. Their "Per Second, Per Second, Per Second ... Every Second" has the lively "These Are Things" and "Life Still Applies." They have an appealing melodic approach that is highlighted on the opening track "I Met A Girl" and shines throughout.

"Every Day I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made One Inch Square" is not much of a follow-up. In fact it may be one of the few albums with a title longer than its review. This set has low-key songs augmented by electronic slush. This stuff may work on contemplative soundtracks but that's about it.

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