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We Are The Fallen

We Are The Fallen could be called "Evanescence 2.0" since 3/5ths of the band are Evanescence alum - Ben Moody, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray. "If there is some similarity in sound {between Evanescence and We Are The Fallen}, it's because that genre was created by us," said Moody.

Moody and vocalist Amy Lee founded Evanescence. The group issued their full-length debut, "Fallen," in '03. Though the album was a huge commercial success, Moody was not happy with the band's direction. He discussed the issue with Gray and LeCompt, but in the end he left. Lee and Moody took shots at each other in the music press as Evanescence replaced the guitarist and moved on.

Eventually though, both LeCompt and Gray departed as well. It was at this point Moody reached out to the pair about trying again. That was a 'go' so they brought in Marty O'Brien (Disturbed, Static-X).

The search for a lead singer concluded when the band found '08 American Idol contestant Carly Smithson. Having completed her Idol finalist tour, Smithson was planning to record a solo album. But she saw more potential being in a band.

The group released "Bury Me Alive" in February, '10, exclusively online for downloads. A month later, the track's video premiered on AOL's Noisecreep. Then an extensive tour was launched prior to the release of the full-length debut, "Tear The World Down."

We Are The Fallen Discography

It looks like Evanescence and it sounds like Evanescence but it's not, even though We Are The Fallen's debut "Tear The World Down" is straight-up drama Rock.

The group's perimeters range from ballads, the best being "Don't Leave Me Behind," to the mainstream Metal of "Bury Me Alive" to "Burn" and "Through Hell" where they take it up a notch and dispense with the pop particulars. A couple tracks, the aforementioned "Through Hell" and "St. John" are predictably dark and have been done before, by groups like, well, Evanescence.

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