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Uriah Heep

Load up the demons and wizards and hit the road. Uriah Heep, taking its name from a Charles Dickens character, was something to behold. Fronted by singer David Byron and driven by Mick Box's guitar, they were lumbering hard Rockers that, like many of their contemporaries, were a product of the times. Taken in context, their popularity was understandable though they never managed a major break through. Uriah Heep blasted the early '70s with numerous albums and even managed a semi-hit with the hard-charging "Stealin'."

'72 was Uriah Heep's year. They released their two best albums "Demons and Wizards," and "Magician's Birthday." The former featured "Easy Livin'" and the latter contained "Sweet Lorraine." By the mid-70s the circus had run out of steam and Uriah Heep was done.

The name was revived in the '80's with new players. Forget it.
Uriah Heep Discography

Uriah Heep "Best Of" or anthology packages are the best place to start. Beware of live recordings since this is a group that relied heavily on its audience being stoned. If there's a desire for more "Demons and Wizards" and "Magician's Birthday" are the group's best albums.

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