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Union Underground

The standard process goes like this: Three to five musicians, who can get along and share a common passion, begin playing together. Misfits, those unwilling to make the commitment or members lacking the necessary talent, are disposed. New members enter, often from one-time rival groups. The group solidifies by playing between 250 and 300 shows over a year or two. Some indie label notices the commotion and signs them. The release sells well in the local or regional market. So well, they catch the ear of a major label. From then on, life is beautiful. Yeah, right.

Of course, that's the standard path. San Antonio guitarist/vocalist Bryan Scott and guitarist Patrick Kennison had other ideas. The two met in junior high and upon graduating from high school decided to pursue an alternative Rock path. Instead of building a group and embarking on an endless series one-nighters, they pooled their money and bought a 24 track-recording studio. In that space they began producing cassettes. At first, they handed them out free but eventually were able to sell them and worked their way up to producing a EP.

By the end of '98, after Scott and Kennison had been toiling away for two years, drummer Josh Memelo joined. Union Underground was signed by Portrait (a subsidiary of Columbia Records) and a short time later bassist John Moyer signed on.

"An Education In Rebellion" hit the streets in '00 with Scott writing or co-writing (with Kennison) the songs.

Union Underground Discography

"An Education In Rebellion" is Union Underground's major label debut. Forget the spacey title track, this CD Rocks and Rocks hard. "Drivel" has Scott's harsh/raw vocals and stinging guitars. Scott and Kennison co-wrote "South Texas Deathride." Gotta pay tribute to the homeland. "Turn Me On "Mr. Deadman" with its sarcastic lyric and breathy vocal is a riot.

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