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It's funny how (and when) 'no' turns into 'yes'. Point 04 with Buz McGrath and Ken Susi tried to recruit Trevor Phipps but he was reluctant to join. When Phipps showed up for a jam session with Susi's side band he found Unearth practicing instead. Hearing "Shattered By The Sun" lead Phipps to sign on.

Unearth launched in '98 taking their name from then-drummer Mike Rudberg's former band (now that's a circuitous route). The Wakefield, MA, outfit unfurled their debut EP "Above The Fall Of Man" a year later. It was followed by the full-length "The Stings Of Conscience" ('01) and the "Endless" EP ('02).

Everybody has had that nightmare of being naked in a public place. While stressful, it's only a dream - for most people. The annual SXSW (in Austin) is a major showcase and bands want to make an impression - a positive one helps. But Rudberg played naked. Why remains a mystery. He left the group, presumably clothed, the next day.

Still, bouncing around indie labels, Unearth put out "The Oncoming Storm" ('04) on Metal Blade Records. The album led to more touring. Unearth released "Our Days Of Eulogy" containing live tracks.

'06's "III: In The Eyes Of Fire" initially sold 85,000 copies in the U.S. and earned the group a second spin on Ozzfest.

Unearth's DVD Alive From The Apocalypse was released just before Unearth unveiled their '08 studio effort "The March."

Unearth Trivia: The group is known for playing seven-stringed guitars (rather than six), while the bass player plays a five-stringed bass (rather than four).

Unearth Discography

Unearth's claim to fame ("The March" broke the Top 10 on the Hard Rock album chart) is the artful blending of what could pass for Classic Rock riffs with the bludgeoning power of Metalcore. Soaring licks descend into a lethal mire. The racing "My Will Be Done," "Crow Killer" and "Truth Or Consequence" are the best examples on "The March." Give credit to McGrath and Susi for pulling that off. Surprisingly, the title track is just overblown sludge.

"III: In The Eyes Of Fire" is not as strong as "The March." "This Time Was Mine" is exceptional but little else rises to that level.

"Oncoming Storm" shows Unearth in a far better light though "Endless," a track that got a lot of attention, is eclipsed by "Black Hearts Now Reign" and "Zombie Autopilot."

"Sting Of Conscience" kicks with "Fuel The Fire," "My Heart Bleeds No Longer" and the infamous "Shattered By The Sun" (Phipps' introduction to the band).

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