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Truth And Salvage Co.

Regardless of where a successful musician's journey begins it will most likely include an extended stay in L.A.

Bill Smith, Joe Edel, Walker Young and Scott Kinnebrew were in Scrappy Hamilton, a moderately successful Asheville, NC band. "Wastin' Time," penned by Kinnebrew, was heard in the '02 horror film Cabin Fever.

In Indianapolis, Tim Jones fronted Old Pike, a group that opened for Ben Folds Five and John Mellencamp. Though they had a recording contract nothing much came of it and the band ceased in '01. So Jones headed for L.A.

Meanwhile, Adam Grace, a Tupelo, MS, native lit out for New York intent on an acting and music career. Despite landing a Broadway role, TV appearances and music projects weren't producing the desired results. Like Jones, Grace moved to the City of Angels.

Scrappy Hamilton, looking to expand their audience, also relocated to L.A. When not performing with the group, Smith, Edel, Young and Kinnebrew could be found playing at Cranes Hollywood Tavern. Over at the Hotel Café (also in Hollywood), Jones performed a set every Sunday night. Being mutual admirers, they decided to team up - and shortly thereafter, Grace entered the picture.

Jumping ahead a couple of years, Truth And Salvage Co. were spotted by Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. He signed the band to Silver Arrow, a label he and his brother Rich had started. On top of that, Truth And Salvage Co. opened for the Crowes on their '09 tour.

While on tour something peculiar happened - in Visilia, CA, of all places. After the show, two police officers showed up at Jones' hotel room and rousted him out of bed. He was hauled off to jail even though there were no outstanding warrants; nor was he suspected of, or accused of, any crime.

At the arraignment it was discovered that no actual charges had been filed by the District Attorney's office. "We have filed a claim against the city of Visalia and await their response and hopefully the release of the police report that they have refused to release to me or my attorneys," said Jones at the time. Mistaken identity? Cops didn't like the tunes? Or were they bored and figured busting an out-of-towner would be fun? Who knows?

On a more pleasant note, Robinson produced the band's self-titled full-length debut which came out in late May, 10.

Truth And Salvage Co. Discography

Truth And Salvage Co. has been compared to The Band, Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds, and rightly so. There are rich vocals, four band members sing, and a ragged looseness that comes from playing night after night. They also have a Country-Rock leaning both musically and lyrically ("it sure got late real early" - a line from "See Her").

"Hail Hail" has a wall-of-sound groove that traces back to "Cripple Creek." A mix of pure Byrds jangle with Country highlights "Welcome To L.A." "Old Piano," which was co-written by pop songstress Katy Perry, "101" and "She Really Does It For Me" have an easy, natural appeal.

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