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TRUST Company

The trajectory for Rock stardom is hardly glamorous. It's traveling around in a van (no air conditioning) to play in dark, dank clubs (no ventilation) and having to suck it up on dead end day jobs just to make the rent. You either learn to love macaroni and cheese (hotdogs optional) or you give up and go back to school or anything else that looks less taxing and more promising.

The dream is playing that one important show, among the hundreds, when you're "discovered" by somebody with the means to do something about it. For the TRUST Company it was an '01 L.A. gig where they crossed paths with Geffen Records President and Flip Records' founder Jordan Schur. He signed them and procured a top line producer, Don Gilmore, who even co-wrote a couple songs with the group. The result was the '02 major label debut "Lonely Position Of Neutral."

The TRUST Company's story goes back to Montgomery, Alabama, in the early '90s. Discovering they were kindred teen Rockers, singer/guitarist Kevin Palmer worked with drummer Jason Singleton. Bassist Josh Moates came next. James Fukai's arrival in '00 completed the line-up.

Since Montgomery didn't have much of a club scene, TRUST Company found themselves playing out of town nearly every weekend. However, they were geographically limited since they had to drive home to make it to their day jobs Monday morning.

The quartet eventually headed north and signed with the D.C. based DCide Records. Two albums were released and the band got $1,000 a month tour support. Four guys. $1,000 a month. You do the math. After Geffen took over the DCide contract "Lonely Position of Neutral" was released with the riff-Rock single "Downfall."

TRUST Company Discography


2002 The Lonely Position Of Neutral
2005 True Parallels
2011 Dreaming In Black And White

Aggro-Rockers TRUST Company have the prerequisites down: dense production and thunderously aggressive vocals. "Lonely Position of Neutral's" first two songs, the single "Downfall" and "Falling Apart" show a surprising melodic tendency. "The Fear," "Running From Me" and "Figure 8" are good Rockers but TRUST Company repeatedly travels a well-furrowed road - by them and countless others.

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