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Thenewno2 - The New No. 2

Dhani Harrison is the late George Harrison's son. Dhani's musical career began in earnest when he worked with producer Jeff Lynne (ELO) to complete his father's final album, "Brainwashed." The album was released in '02, a little less than a year after George's passing. The experience of working collaboratively colored the younger Harrison's career in both Fistful Of Mercy and The New No. 2.

Being a singer and a guitarist usually pushes a musician to the forefront. Being the offspring of a Beatle only intensifies the spotlight. But it was Harrison's hope to dodge a bit of the glare in The New No. 2.

"I wanted it to be a faceless entity, because I didn't want to be 'Dhani Harrison and the Uncles', or whatever," said Harrison. "There was just too much flak around the name 'Harrison' at the time."

The name The New No.2 came from the '60s British cult TV show "The Prisoner" where all the inmates had numbers instead of names. The position of Number 2 was filled on a rotating basis; usually due to a failure in acquiring the desired information from Number 6 (the show's main character played by Patrick McGoohan). So there was often a "new No. 2.

The London based group began as a duo of Harrison and Oliver Hecks. They had been working together, off and on, since '01 but decided to give the project more attention in '06. Following the release of the full-length debut, "You Are Here," Jonathan Sadoff, Jeremy Faccone, Nick Fyffe, and Frank Zummo were added.

The group's sophomore release "thefearofmissingout" dropped in '12.

Thenewno2 - The New No. 2 Discography


2008 You Are Here
2012 thefearofmissingout

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