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Musicians kick around. A couple guys get together and they hit on something. Sure enough, a label, in this case Heavenly Recordings, agrees to release their single. When singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley found themselves in this position they added fellow Kettering (U.K.) residents, keyboard player Adam Smith and drummer Sam Toms, so they could play live.

After hitting major European festivals the Temples rolled out their debut album in '14, "Sun Structures," which many thought was reminiscent of late-60s psychedelic Rock.

The group picked up important endorsements from Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis). The latter's enthusiasm was hardly surprising given his well-documented fascination with The Beatles post-touring period. Gallagher even criticized U.K radio, the BBC in particular, for not giving the Temples more airplay.

Temples Discography


2014 Sun Structures

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