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TAB The Band

It may appear easy but going into the family business can be fraught with difficulties. The senior family member set the bar. And it had to have been high or going into the business wouldn't be an option.

But what if the family business is music? And what if your dad is Aerosmith's legendary guitarist Joe Perry?

"When I was a kid, I got sick of people always asking me, 'So are you going to play guitar, too?' I thought I'd do anything but that," said Joe Perry's eldest, Adrian. "I wanted to be a baseball player or a basketball player." At the ripe old age of 13 though, destiny took over and music became Arian's passion.

By this time, Joe Perry's turbulent ten-year marriage to Arian's mom, Elyssa Jerret, had collapsed and the senior Perry was married to Billie Paulete Montgomery. They had two sons, Tony and Roman.

Adrian developed as a singer/guitarist/songwriter as he rolled through Dexter, The Feds, 60/40 Breakdown and other bands. He also attended Georgetown University Law School just in case the music thing didn't work out. Given the peculiarities of the business that was probably wise.

In '06 Arian teamed up with his step-brother guitarist Tony who was (and still is) five years younger. Tony, no academic slouch either, was at Boston University studying music production.

The two initially just messed around but eventually realized they might actually be good. "Once we tried writing something seriously, we both realized, 'This works,'" said Adrian, who had moved to bass and served as the group's primary vocalist. "Tony is a big Punk rock fan, I like Punk, too, and some of the more classic stuff. We never had a mission statement, but decided to go with only three members and have a Punk attitude." That third member was drummer Ben Tileston.

Early on, every band needs a push. Something that draws attention. TAB The Band got it from the ol' man. Joe performed, backed by TAB The Band, in Ledyard, CT. "This is something we will not do very often," explained Perry. "They want to have their own identity and not be seen as my band." The set list featured "a third of (TAB's) stuff, a third of my stuff, (some) interesting covers and a few Aerosmith songs." Dad did like nurturing the process. "(It's) like watching a baby -- every day there's a change and they get better and they learn something new."

TAB The Band issued two EPs, "The 34% Louder" and "The Xmas EP." Tracks from these efforts found their way on to the group's debut full-length '08 release "Pulling Out Just Enough to Win." They performed CD release shows in Boston and New York before heading to South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin.

TAB The Band Discography


2008 Pulling Out Just Enough To Win
2013 Veronica

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