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Supertramp had the benefit of a wealthy Dutch patron. But when their first two albums stiffed the patron took a hike. Left high and dry the group was forced to modify its Art Rock direction.

Built around Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, who both handled vocals and keyboards, Supertramp finally found success with "Crime of the Century." "Crisis? What Crisis?" and "Even in the Quietest Moments" followed and were solid efforts laying the groundwork for the group's commercial break through, "Breakfast In America." Even though the album sold millions and featured a more straight-ahead sound (perfect for pop radio) it proved to be a dead end. Hodgson left to pursue a lackluster solo career while his former band plodded through a couple of equally undistinguished albums before pulling the plug.

Supertramp Discography

"Crime of the Century" sits on top of the Supertramp heap. The album's opening track "School," with the brilliant piano solo, is not only the best song on the album it's the best song Supertramp ever did. The album also contains the no nonsense "Bloody Well Right." "Breakfast In America" could pass for a greatest hits collection. The title track, "The Logical Song," "Goodbye Stranger" and "Take The Long Way Home" found a seemingly perpetual place on radio playlists. "The Very Best of Supertramp" touches all the necessary bases.

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