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There are times when you're driving through the city(any city) and pass a club or concert hall and see a line so long and so deep that you have to wonder "Who the hell is playing?" Sugarcult produced those lines throughout '02.

Hailing from the garden spot of Santa Barbara, CA, Sugarcult came to prominence with singer/guitarist/lyricist Tim Pagnotta, guitarist Marko 72, bassist Airin, and drummer Ben Davis.

When you're a Rock musician you usually can't choose who's next door. Besides, in most neighborhoods, the Rockers are the undesirables. It was lesbian neighbors who referred to themselves as the Sugarcult that provided an irresistible moniker.

Going down the Punk-pop road, influenced by Blink 182 and Green Day, along with classic acts, Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello, Sugarcult released their debut "Start Static," in '01. All songs were written by Pagnotta and the group. Constant touring soon built "around the block lines" for their shows.

With Kenny Livingston on drums Sugarcult recorded their '04 release "Palm Trees and Power Lines" in North Hollywood - a place with an abundance of palm trees and power lines.

Sugarcult Discography


1999 Eleven
2000 Wrap Me Up in Plastic
2001 Start Static
2004 Palm Trees And Power Lines
2006 Lights Out

Is there anything better than speed Rock, with slashing chords and half-sung/half-shouting vocals? The correct answer is "no." "Start Static's" opening tracks "You're the One" and "Stuck In America" blow out of the gate. The album Rocks. Even the obligatory pop-oriented "Lost In You" is strong, as is the ballad "Crashing Down."

"Palm Trees and Power Lines" is another outstanding set. With lyrics about distance ("your voice on the phone" from "Worst December") and uncertainty ("we could fall apart" on "Memory"), Sugarcult delivers catchy Rock with a down and dirty guitar. First, the Strokes took the Cars to the bank. The '80s band also serves as the touchstone for "Champagne." "What You Say" is good old raw throat, wailing Rock. But the too- cool-for-the-room "Destination Anywhere" ("somebody help me get out of this place") is the premier track.

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