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The Subways

The Subways are an English Alt. Rock band with a pronounced DIY approach. First, Guitarist Billy Lunn's girlfriend, Charlotte Cooper, thought it would be fun to be in a band with him. So Lunn taught her how to play bass. When Lunn, who had taken his mother's maiden name in honor of his artist/writer grandfather, and his brother, drummer Josh Morgan wrote songs, Lunn insisted they record all of them. Paying for studio time could quickly make this goal cost prohibitive. Lunn's answer was to buy some equipment so they could record at home. This set up was used by other bands looking to record demo CDs without breaking the bank, which in turn, opened a door for The Subways.

"I was producing a local Welwyn Garden City band in my front lounge one day and I noticed that it was quite good so I asked if they were going to send it to any London venues, because I knew a few that would like it," said Lunn. "They said that they were going to send it off to Michael Eavis who runs Glastonbury Festival, and I asked why... Michael Eavis that year was running an unsigned bands competition to play on the Other Stage."

The Subways sent their demo to Eavis who selected them to play the festival. Other festival appearances (including Reading and Leeds) plus a tour preceded the release of The Subways' debut in '05, "Young For Eternity," which sold over 100,000 copies in the U.K.

A year later, The Subways ventured to the U.S. for a series of late night TV appearances before returning to England to perform at the Reading and Leeds Festivals - this time on the main stage.

The Subways returned to the U.S., namely L.A., to record their sophomore set, "All Or Nothing." The producer was none other than the legendary Butch Vig, the man who helped guide the creation of the classic Grunge album "Nevermind." Coincidently, prior to becoming The Subways, they were known as Mustardseed, a band with Nirvana covers were among their repertoire. With the album completed the band performed at just about every U.K. festival.

The Subways' third album, "Money And Celebrity," landed in '11 and featured the single "It's A Party."

The Subways Discography

Studio Albums:

2005 Young For Eternity
2008 All Or Nothing
2011 Money & Celebrity

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