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The Submarines

The romantic notion of a couple working toward a goal sounds idyllic yet it's rarely as simple as it sounds.

John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard had their own music projects going in Boston when a mutual friend introduced them.

Their four-year relationship came to an end shortly after the pair relocated to L.A. (that's hardly surprising).

Working independently, both wrote songs reflecting on the sadness surrounding the break up. So they started working together again and that led to rekindling their romance. "It's hard, definitely hard," said Hazard, reflecting on their relationship and eventual marriage. "Luckily we are like-minded aesthetically and musically."

Nettwerk signed the pair where they released their debut "Declare A New State" in '06. Two years later, following a move to Columbia Records, The Submarines issued "Honeysuckle Weeks."

The Submarines have had a handful of songs used on T.V. shows - Nip/Tuck ("Brighter Discontent"), Weeds ("Little Boxes"), Gossip Girl ("Wake Up Song") and Grey's Anatomy ("Brightest Hour"). But probably their best known song placement was an instrumental version of "You, Me And The Bourgeoisie" which was heard in the ubiquitous '08 iPhone 3G commercial.

The Submarines Discography

Based on the snippet used in the iPhone commercial The Submarines sound like The Clash-lite. While that would be fairly impressive, it's not where they go. Rather, The Submarines offer a lo-fi, neo-psychedelic sound that is abetted by Hazard's waifish vocals.

As expected, "You, Me And The Bourgeoisie" is the best track on "Honeysuckle Weeks." But "The Wake Up Song," featuring Dragonetti's vocals, "Swimming Pool," "The Thorny Thicket" and "Maybe" (the latter two songs illustrating the group's headier leanings) are able to reach beyond the shadow cast by the iPhone track."

"Declare A New State" is a more laid-back effort. The samba infused "Peace And Hate" and the mid-tempo "Vote" are the key tracks.

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