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The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys got rolling in '03 with Ryan Sambol and Matt Hammer. Two years later the Austin based psychedelic leaning outfit added Philip Sambol, Ryan's older brother, and Greg Enlow.

Having recorded since shortly after their inception, The Strange Boys put out the "Nothing" EP on Dusty Medical Records. The '07 set was followed by another EP, '08's "In The Red," with the single "Woe Is You And Me."

'09 saw the release of "The Strange Boys And Girls Club," the group's full-length debut.

The Strange Boys Discography


2007 Nothing (EP)
2008 Isn't It Pretty To Think So (7")
2008 In The Red (EP)
2009 The Strange Boys And Girls Club
2010 Be Brave (7")
2010 Be Brave
2011 Live Music

The Strange Boys are practitioners of high-energy lo-fi Rock. The songs on "Strange Boys And Girls Club" are down and dirty - brief and to the point. They are all chords and shuffle with a streak of the Blues. Since the Strange Boys draw their inspiration from Garage Rock it makes sense their best tracks, like "Woe Is You And Me," "No Way For A Slave To Behave" and "Who Needs Who More" are reminiscent of the '60s.

"Poem Party" is a sharp track that features some uncharacteristic hot guitar licks. "Probation Blues" sounds like Cub Koda (Brownsville Station) taking a cut at "I'm A Man." But even with these touches the band's aperture is narrow. But that's OK. What the Strange Boys lack in depth they more than compensate with energy.

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