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Eventually, all bands either break up or are dropped by their label. Some groups may forestall the inevitable but it comes nonetheless. It's almost always 'death' when a group, lacking a track record, gets released. They generally dissolve in despair or retool. Band members get switched out (which happened with Spoon) and the name is changed to avoid any association with failure. Rarely does a group move on with the same moniker, then turn around and jab the label that let them go.

Spoon started (with Daniel and Eno) in Austin naming themselves after a song by the German avant-garde band, Can. Four years down the road, in '98, Spoon signed with Elektra Records. They released "A Series Of Sneaks" and were then dropped. In response, Spoon released an EP titled, "The Agony Of Laffitte," a dig at Elektra A&R man Ron Laffitte. The group then went the indie route with Merge Records.

'01 effort, "Girls Can Tell," got them off to a strong start. The following year Spoon did even better with "Kill The Moonlight."

Spoon contributed tracks ("The Book I Write," "The Way To Get By" and "My Mathematical Mind") to the Will Ferrell vehicle Stranger Than Fiction. Daniel and composer Brian Reitzell (Redd Kross drummer) provided additional music for the film.

"Gimme Fiction," an '05 album, earned the group some late night TV appearances (Dave Letterman, Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly) and a stint on PBS' Austin City Limits. With this album Spoon tunes (especially "I Turn My Camera On") found their way into the TV shows - Veronica Mars, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Numb3rs and Chuck, to name a few.

"Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga," with "Don't Make Me A Target" and "Rhythm And Soul," landed two years later. The album made its debut at #10 on the Billboard 200 and led to another round of late-night TV appearances. Next up was the group's seventh studio album, the '10 release "Transference."

Spoon went on hiatus as Daniel focused his creative energy on Devine Fits. But after a four-year span, and the addition of keyboardist/guitarist Alex Fischel, Spoon returned with "They Want My Soul." The '14 set, recorded with Joe Chicarelli and Dave Fridmann, was the group's first release on Loma Vista Recordings, after five albums on Merge.

"Hot Thoughts," Spoon's ninth album, was their first with Matador (their tenure with Loma Vista didn't last long) since their '96 debut, "Telephono." It was also the first Spoon album since '02's "Kill The Moonlight" to not feature multi-instrumentalist Eric Harvey, who quietly left after finishing a world tour in support of '14's "They Want My Soul."

Spoon Discography


1996 Telephono
1998 A Series Of Sneaks
2001 Girls Can Tell
2002 Kill The Moonlight
2005 Gimme Fiction
2007 Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
2010 Transference
2014 They Want My Soul
2017 Hot Thoughts

Spoon bounces between classic mainstream Rock and driving Punk, with ballads dropped in.

They have the sense to keep things moving and avoid the shoe gazing Emo drivel that so often plagues acoustic leaning groups.

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