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So So Glos

So So Glos are a Punk band from Brooklyn. They could also be classified as a 'family act'. Bassist Alex and guitarist Ryan Levine are brothers. Drummer Zach Staggers is their step-brother.

So So Glos became known for their active participation in NYC's DIY movement - they co-founded an all-ages venue in Brooklyn named The Market Hotel with DIY show promoter Todd P. The venue served as their early residency between tours.

Following their self-titled '07 debut, So So Glos added guitarist Matt Elkin. A year later, the EP "Tourism/Terrorism" dropped. It won the "Best Punk Album" category of the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards.

During the summer of '09, the So So Glos teamed up with Adam Reich, who produced their debut album, to establish an all-ages performance space/recording studio in Brooklyn called Shea Stadium.

Another EP, "Low Back Chain Shift," was So So Glos final effort for the Green Owl label, a Warner subsidiary. They signed the legal documents severing the relationship onstage prior to a Shea Stadium set.

The So So Glos sophomore full-length effort, "Blowout," was released in '13 on the group's own imprint. "[The label] is just the process of the way we can put the record out so that the most ears can actually hear it," said Alex Levine in a Spin magazine interview.

"We just wanted it to be aggressive," stated Staggers of "Blowout." We just put our faces in people's faces to get our ideas out."

So So Glos Discography


2007 The So So Glos
2008 Tourism/Terrorism EP
2010 Low Back Chain Shift EP
2013 Blowout

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