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Small Faces

Steve Marriot was the Small Faces guitarist/vocalist and main driving force. Ronnie Lane (bass), Kenny Jones (drums) and Ian McLagen (organ) handled everything else. The Small Faces were famous for their eclectic and experimental album "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" and the single "Itchycoo Park," a trippy song that featured drug references, phasing, reverb and echo. Perfect for '67.

The "faces" tag came from the Mod term for a fashion leader while "small" referenced the group's diminutive height.

Following "Odgen's" commercial failure Marriot became increasingly frustrated with the Small Faces' prospects. The Small Faces had several U.K. hits, but aside from "Itchycoo Park," they'd only had marginal success in the U.S. Also, internal tensions were taking their toll. So Marriott left to start Humble Pie. The remaining Small Faces added guitarist Ron Wood and Rod Stewart who, between solo efforts, handled the vocals. They simply became the Faces (also both Stewart and Wood were relatively tall), one of the hardest partying bands in Rock's history.

Small Faces  Discography

"Anthology 1965-67" has the Small Faces' U.K. hits and their international smash "Itchycoo Park." "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake" is an interesting album, though not a kicking Rocker. Marriot got to that later in Humble Pie. "Small Faces," released in '67, is the original studio album with "Itchycoo Park".

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