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Sleeper Agent

It's never pleasant to kick somebody out of a band. Whoever has to deliver the news usually has a few agonizing moments - especially if the person about to get axed isn't even aware it's about to happen.

Alex Kandel had just joined a band with guitarist Tony Smith and drummer Justin Wilson. The idea was to have Kandel play bass. Early on though, it was painfully obvious that it wasn't going to work. In a last ditch effort to avoid the impending misery, Smith thought about trying Kandel out as a singer. That was a totally different story. Eventually, Lee Williams was brought in to play bass for the Bowling Green, KY, band.

A demo that went to producer Jay Joyce, who was working on Cage The Elephant's sophomore set, sparked a genuine interest. After some back and forth - Joyce asked for additional songs but Sleeper Agent did not feel any a sense the urgency until Joyce called again wondering where the songs were - the group delivered another road of demos. That led Sleeper Agent to Nashville where they recorded their Garage-Pop debut "Celabrasion" and, in the process, landed an opening slot on Cage The Elephant's tour.

A bit later, Kandel was nominated for the Women Who Rock competition. However, Amy Heidemann, frontwoman for the pop duo Karmin, won the spot on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Sleeper Agent issued their sophomore set "About Last Night," in the early spring of '14.

Sleeper Agent Discography


2011 Celabrasion
2014 About Last Night

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