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Sick Puppies

Most bands record an album, tour and so forth before anyone thinks of filming them. Sick Puppies took a short-cut. Music photographer and filmmaker Robert Knight set out to find the world's best guitarist and help an up and coming band for the documentary Rock Prophecies. Knight visited Jeff Beck, Slash, Carlos Santana and Steve Vai while moving Sick Puppies' career forward. The film made its debut in '09 and a year later was broadcast on PBS before coming out on DVD.

"He documented when we did the first album, the first show, all that kind of stuff," said Anzai. "It was really cool. He wanted a new band to…develop." Sick Puppies involvement with this project and Knight's endorsement led to their U.S. record deal with RMR/Virgin/EMI.

The Australian band Sick Puppies began in '97 with the line-up of Shimon Moore (vocals/guitar), Emma Anzai (bass) and Mark Goodwin (drums).

The Sydney based group issued their debut EP "Dog's Breakfast" which was followed by the full-length '01 effort "Welcome To The Real World." Success in their native land and Knight's prodding convinced the group to re-locate to L.A. Unfortunately, Mileski was unable to leave Australia so he was replaced by Mark Goodwin, who responded to an ad in Craigslist the band had posted.

Several years later, '07, Sick Puppies issued their sophomore set, "Dressed Up As Life." The album contained the Modern Rock hit "All The Same" (#8) and "My World" which just cracked the Top 20.

The video for "All The Same" tallied more than 43 million views worldwide.

"Tri-Polar" landed two years later. It yielded three singles; "You're Going Down" (#2 on the Modern Rock chart), "Odd One" and "Maybe" (both peaked at #15 on the Alternative Songs and Active Rock charts).

Sick Puppies' songs were heard in TV shows (including "You're Going Down" for WWE's pay-per-view event and "That Time Of Year" on "NCIS: The Official Soundtrack - Vol. 2").

The EP "Live & Unplugged" rolled out in '10. Three tracks were studio efforts while a fourth came from a Chicago radio interview.

"Connect," which had the working title of "Under The Black Sky," arrived in '13 and was another three single album; "There's No Going Back," "Gunfight" and "Die To Save You." The set also included the dramatic, acoustic/electric, "Under A Very Black Sky," with co-vocals by Anzai and Moore.

It might be a good idea for a band about to make a public statement that they make sure everyone involved is on the same page. That didn't happen when Anzai and Goodwin announced on October 20th, '14 that Moore had left to "pursue other endeavors." Turned out, this was news to Moore.

"There was tension in the band after the many years of touring," wrote Moore in a statement. "I had hoped that some time apart would resolve these issues. It, unfortunately, seems that Emma and Mark have decided to move on with a new singer instead." That turned out to be Bryan Scott, who flew from Houston to L.A. to audition for the band. His audition song was "Odd One."

Sick Puppies Discography

Sick Puppies Discography

2011 Welcome To The Real World
2007 Dressed Up As Life
2009 Tri-Polar
2013 Connect

A cursory listen to "Dressed Up As Life" and it's easy to draw comparisons to Green Day. And like Green Day's "(Good Riddance) Time Of Your Life," Sick Puppies scored with an acoustic ballad, "All The Same." But the Punk/power pop shots are what count.

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