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The Shondes

The Shondes, who hailed from Brooklyn, have been called a Jewish feminist Punk band who embrace progressive political activism. Not too many of those bands around. By the way, 'shondes' is Yiddish for 'a disgrace'.

Meeting future band members can sometimes be an unusual endeavor but for The Shondes it was a political process.

Founded by violinist Elijah Oberman and bassist Louisa Rachel Solomon, The Shondes recruited guitarist Ian Brannigan, who they met through student activism, at The New School in Greenwich Village. They came across drummer Temim Fruchter, when protesting the '04 Republican National Convention.

The Shondes self-released their debut LP, "The Red Sea," in '08. Produced by Tony Maimone, the set featured Brian Dewan on keyboards. The critical response, though small, was favorable.

Romantic entanglements are always difficult, especially in a band. Following "The Red Sea" supporting tour, Brannigan (who was also Solomon's boyfriend at the time) left the band and was replaced by Fureigh (only one name).

The Shondes released their second album "My Dear One" which was referred to as their "break-up album," in the aftermath of Brannigan's departure. Critics were less impressed.

Having survived on trauma, the band got hit with another when Oberman announced he been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. As a result a planned European tour was cancelled.

The Shondes then parted ways with Fanatic Records signed with Exotic Fever for their third album "Searchlights." The '11 album returned the band to the critic's good graces.

Two years later, The Shondes released "The Garden." Solomon said the album was about "the kind of growing up you do over and over again." Ponder that one. And there is more here to ponder when you're done with that.

The Shondes Discography


2008 The Red Sea (self-released)
2010 My Dear One
2011 Searchlights
2013 The Garden

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