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Semi Precious Weapons

It's not uncommon for an emerging band to have a mentor/promoter - an established performer who talks about the band and helps get their name out. But usually the mentor is in the same musical genre as the new act. Semi Precious Weapons were in a bit different in that the connection to their mentor, Lady Gaga, one of the most flamboyant and self-promotional pop stars since Madonna, was seemingly based more on attitude and visual presentation, than music.

Semi Precious Weapons opened for Lady Gaga's The Monster Ball Tour ('09 - '10) where she was known for brazen performances with the band. Frontman Justin Tranter and Gaga were perfectly matched for creating the kind of visual poses that wind up in magazines - from fashion to music.

Three years earlier, Semi Precious Weapons was started by Berklee College of Music graduates whose first recording was financed by Tranter's jewelry sales. The '07 set "We Love You" was re-released a year later by Razor & Tie.

Vogue magazine called Semi Precious Weapons "unashamedly crass and deliciously animated." Their combination of Ramones-style Punk and Glam, plus a blatant exhibitionism, got them tagged as "filthy glamour" and "dirty showbiz."

Press reports described Tranter as a 'six foot bisexual'. As if to remove any doubt, Tranter launched a jewelry line called "Fetty."

Though Rock Band 2 made the band's "Magnetic Baby" a downloadable track their "hook-up" with Lady Gaga drew most of the attention. Aside from their stint on The Monster Ball Tour, Semi Precious Weapons had a cameo in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video.

Picked up by Interscope Records, "You Love You" landed in '10.
Semi Precious Weapons Discography


2008 We Love You
2010 You Love You

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