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Scars On Broadway

Scars On Broadway released their self-titled debut containing the single "They Say," in the summer, '08. The System Of A Down offshoot featured singer/guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan. "I've tried at times to get away from the System sound with this record," offered Malakian. "But I didn't want to completely get away, because that's part of me."

In an earlier interview, Malakian said, "System Of A Down is not breaking up. We're just gonna do like KISS and put out our own solo records." Hopefully, with better results. Then again, it would be difficult to do worse. Solo KISS is not exactly the most inspiring template to follow.

During the same interview Malakian claimed he "could release ten solo records tomorrow. I have tons of material laying around." So why not give it a shot and stretch a bit? SOAD frontman Serj Tankian had already issued his debut solo album, "Elect The Dead" in '07.

Malakian recruited Dolmayan for Scars On Broadway. Rounding out the line-up were Franky Perez (guitar/backing vocals), Danny Shamoun (keyboards/percussion) and Dominic Cifarelli (bass) - the last to join.

Having members from an established band made it possible for Scars On Broadway to make their debut at an impressive L.A. venue - the Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Blvd. They played additional L.A./SoCal shows working toward an album release party performance at Union Station in downtown L.A. just a day before the set was issued (but days after the album had been leaked online).

Shortly after the album's release the band went on hiatus. This had all the makings of a one-off project. But no.

Frustrated at System Of A Down's marked lack of productivity, guitarist Daron Malakian returned to Scars On Broadway changing the name to Daron Malakian And Scars On Broadway. The group's '18 sophomore release, "Dictator," which arrived a decade after their debut, contained the track "Guns Are Loaded."

Scars On Broadway Discography


2008 Scars On Broadway
2018 Dictator

Speed Metal with occasional side trips.

At times they are so close to SOAD that they could be called System Of A Downer.

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