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- Someone who is good looking.
- Does not do drugs.
- Fun to get along with.
- Has a really dry sense of humor.

Sounds like one of those personal ads that populate online dating sites or the back pages of weekly newspapers. Actually, the above is what guitarist Beau Burchell told a reporter were the traits Saosin was looking for in a vocalist to replace Anthony Green, who had left after the group's debut EP. Burchell also added the group was looking for "someone who can actually sing live." Ouch! Following a nationwide search Cove Reber got the assignment.

Saosin formed in '03 when members of the recently disbanded Newport Beach group, Open Hand, decided to keep going. Aside from Green, another early departure was bassist Zach Kennedy, who left to focus on his art career but eventually found himself in Ashlee Simpson's band. Talk about career suicide.

Saosin, pronounced "Say-Ocean" in Chinese but "Say-Oh-Sin" by the band, is a term that Green discovered in grade school.

In both Mandarin and Cantonese, it literally translates into "small heart." However, it has evolved into meaning "watch out," or "be careful." There's a Saosin proverb where fathers married off their youngest sons for money and told them that they weren't marrying for love, that their wife doesn't matter. She could die at anytime so don't get attached. For some reason, this concept intrigued Green who referenced it in songs for earlier bands.

Saosin landed on the '05 Warped Tour. A bit later, a video of "Bury Your Head" got airplay on Fuse. Capital Records signed them and in September of '06, Saosin unfurled their self-titled full-length debut. Then it was back on the road for a stint on the International Taste of Chaos Tour.

Next, Saosin jumped on Linkin Park's '07 Projekt Revolution tour. Their show at The Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia supplied the soundtrack and footage for the concert movie/live album, "Come Close." Then, in '08, Saosin completed two tours before releasing "The Grey" EP and recording their '09 full-length set "In Search Of Solid Ground."

A year later, guitarist Burchell announced that Reber was no longer in Saosin. "After 5 years with Cove, we have decided to part ways. So it will be a new experience for us, not knowing what to expect in the vocal department, who will replace him, or if we will even find a replacement this century."

"We didn't feel he could represent the music that we have recorded well on stage," elaborated second guitarist Justin Shekoski.

Charles Furney, lead singer of Secret And Whisper, surfaced first as a possible Saosin vocalist. But those rumors were quickly spiked. Then there was speculation that Tides Of Man's Tilian Pearson would get the nod. As it turned out most of the talk was generated by Pearson. That too resulted in band denials but Saosin released a demo in '11, "Promises," with Pearson. But just months later, Pearson announced he'd joined Dance Gavin Dance.

Saosin was inactive for so long that there was talk the group had disbanded.

So who did Saosin finally select? They found a familiar face - Anthony Green. In the time between Green's departure from Saosin and his return, the singer fronted Circa Survive (which he continued to do after signing on with Saosin) and launched a solo career.

Saosin toured again, with Green, in early '15 but a major change was just around the corner.

Shekoski filled in for Quinn Allman, who was on hiatus from The Used, and expected to return in early '16. But word came that Allman wasn't coming back. That was coupled with news that Shekoski was Allman's permanent replacement and, after a 13 year run, was no longer with Saosin.

"Over the past year of touring, fans of The Used have treated me with an incredible amount of respect and love," said Shekoski. "It was truly touching and I really can't thank you enough for the welcome thus far." He also thanked Saosin fans for their support.

But did he leave or was he shown the door? Shekoski said he got the boot for 'questionable reasons'.

The end result, Phil Sgrosso took over on guitar.

Next came "Along The Shadow." Saosin's third full-length album was their first in almost seven years.
Saosin Discography

Studio Albums:
2006 Saosin
2009 In Search Of Solid Ground
2016 Along The Shadow

2003 Translating The Name
2005 Saosin
2008 The Grey

Live Album:
2008 Come Close

While Saosin can Rock, they excel with melodic mid-tempo tunes. The layered vocals, led by Reber's Alt. Rock tinged sense of drama, are effective. Of course, any band with two guitarists is likely to come up with some hot riffs amidst the din and Saosin is right in line.

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