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Vocalist Josey Scott said the name Saliva was "controversial and different, and like it or not, you'll never forget it." Maybe so.

After hanging around the Memphis music scene Scott and guitarist Chris D'Abaldo started Saliva in '96. Second guitarist Wayne Swinny, drummer Paul Crosby and bassist Dave Novotny fleshed out the line-up.

The following year Saliva entered a Grammy showcase, sponsored by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) and made it to the national finals in New York. Despite that incredibly dubious honor they persevered. At least they didn't win it. That would have done them in.

Back in Memphis, Saliva delivered their self-titled indie debut. The CD sold 10,000 copies regionally.

"Your Disease" appeared on the relentless "Dracula 2000" CD. Saliva's full-length major label debut "Every Six Seconds" hit in '01. According to Scott the title was chosen because "life cycles seem to happen every six seconds." However, that's also how often an average a guy thinks about sex. So take your pick.

In '02, Saliva returned with "Back Into Your System." The set included the major hits "Always" and "Rest In Pieces," co-written by James Michael and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. The band spent the following year opening for KISS and Aerosmith.

"Survival Of The Sickest," the group's '04 release, saw the group expand their straight-ahead Rock inclinations. They even mastered the power-ballad on "Open Eyes."

'05 saw D'Abaldo announce that he was leaving "for obvious reasons, as the band is not a unit anymore." Then to add a serious level of uncertainty, D'Abaldo later stated he and the group were working through issues and that he looked forward to recording. But D'Abaldo did leave, replaced by Jonathan Montoya (Full Devil Jacket).

Saliva's "Blood Stained Love Story," released in January, '07, entered the Billboard 200 at #19 making it the group's highest-ever first-week showing. As with the recording of most albums, this one had its share of challenges. "We had weddings and funerals, children being born, marriages breaking up," explained Scott. "Everything awful and everything great about life happened."

The single, "Ladies & Gentlemen," topped the US Mainstream Rock chart. The song was also heard in promotional spots for Wrestlemania 23 and in Playstation 3 commercials. "We wrote (the song) for sports and movies," said Scott. "It's got that real violent dynamic to it . . . It was premeditated. I'm not going to lie." The second single, "Broken Sunday," was not as successful but it did crack the Mainstream Top 10.

Salvia entered the studio in '08 to work on their sixth studio effort, "Cinco Diablo." "If you like "Ladies & Gentlemen" and "Click Click Boom," and more dynamic stuff, it's going to be an ass-whooping of a record," said Scott. "It's going to be 45 minutes of ass-whooping!"

With work on the album underway, the brooding "Don't Question My Heart," Salvia's pairing with Shinedown's Brent Smith, landed on the "WWE The Music Vol. 8," a compilation of originals and wrestler's theme songs.

"Cinco Diablo," containing the lead single "Family Reunion," was released in December, '08.

Having released a decade's worth of music it was time, in '10, for Saliva to put out "Moving Forward In Reverse: Greatest Hits." A track from the compilation, "Time To Shine," was used as the official theme song for the pay-per-view "WWE Extreme Rules."

Also in '10, Montoya parted with the band. He was not replaced as Saliva continued as a quartet. Their next set, "Under Your Skin" featured the title track and "Badass," which peaked at #26 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks and made its way into the Saw 3D soundtrack.

But just a year after Montoya's departure, Scott left to pursue a solo Christian music career. So the group had to find a singer - which they did - Bobby Amaru.

"We're lucky to have found him," said Swinny. "We discovered him through one of our old crew guys. He really energized the rest of us. He's a great songwriter, and a top-shelf producer in his own right."

In another change, Saliva moved to RumBum Records for the release of their eighth album, "In It To Win It," which turned out to be a fan-only effort. That was followed in '14 by the title track of their next set "Rise Up." The effort contained new material and "In It To Win It" tracks.

Following the '16 release of "Love, Lies & Therapy" and the supporting tour it appeared Saliva could use some therapy of its own.

After 18 years with the band Crosby announced his departure. Then, months later, bassist Brad Stewart, who replaced Novotny in '15, "retired from music" to pursue a real estate career.

Saliva, a trio with Swinny, now the group's only original member, Amaru and drummer/percussionist Tosha Jones presented "10 Lives," their tenth studio album (if you don't count "In It To Win It"). A press release called the effort "quite possibly the band's most energetic, catchy offering yet."

Saliva Discography


1997 Saliva
2001 Every Six Seconds
2002 Back Into Your System
2004 Survival Of The Sickest
2007 Blood Stained Love Story
2008 Cinco Diablo
2011 Under Your Skin
2013 In It To Win It
2014 Rise Up

Saliva developed a bit of a pattern. They start an album with a Rap-Metal raver, revisiting that mode at various points. From album to album though, they've returned less frequently.

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