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The name Elvis Presley has a certain ring to it. So does John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Kurt Cobain. But Wally Palmer? Wally Palmer? That's not the name of a Rock star. It's the name of some grocery store clerk. "Wally Palmer. Clean up aisle 7. Clean up aisle 7."

To top it off, Wally Palmer didn't even look like a Rock Star. In fact, he looked kind of dorkish. He probably was a good student or teacher's pet in school. When the Romantics' videos appeared on MTV there were probably dozens of Detroit area women who saw singer/guitarist Palmer dressed in black leather and thought "Didn't I turn that guy down for a date once?" Only to follow that with "I still don't think I'd go out with him."

"Talking In Your Sleep" was a huge hit. "What I Like About You" wasn't. But the latter was a far better song.
The Romantics were more fun and exciting than many of their Midwest contemporaries (Styx, REO Speedwagon, etc.). Like Brownsville Station, a decade earlier, Palmer and his group captured the magic and played it out for as long as they could. When it was done, it was done. Wally and the Romantics did what they came to do. Nice job.

Romantics Discography

The Romantics' self-title CD is the one to get. "National Breakout" is nearly as good though it doesn't have the hits or near misses of "The Romantics." Their greatest hits collection doesn't do this group justice. Stick with individual albums.

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