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Rockpile had a bit of a gestation period. "Rockpile" was the title of Dave Edmunds '72 solo album - and was not a band album. Rockpile (the group) appeared as a backing band on one track of Lowe's '78 debut solo album," Jesus Of Cool." The UK version featured the group on the live recording of "Heart Of The City", while the U.S. album ("Pure Pop For Now People") had the Rockpile studio track "They Called It Rock."

Also that year, Edmunds' solo effort, "Tracks On Wax 4" was the first album to be completely recorded by Rockpile, but with Edmunds handling all lead vocals. In fact, "Heart Of The City" was virtually the same track that appeared on Lowe's album except with Edmunds singing.

In 79, Rockpile backed Edmunds for' "Repeat When Necessary" and on Lowe's "Labour Of Lust," which contained the hit "Cruel To Be Kind."

A year later, Rockpile issued their official debut album, "Seconds Of Pleasure." The group also backed Lowe's wife, Carlene Carter (Johnny Cash's stepdaughter), on most of her '80 album "Musical Shapes."

Tensions between Lowe and Edmunds led to the band's dissolution in '81. "We got together for fun and when the fun had all been had we packed it in," said Lowe. Edmunds and Lowe didn't work together again until '88.

Rockpile Discography


1980 Seconds Of Pleasure

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