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Ringo Starr

When The Beatles broke up many worried what Ringo would do. After all, despite being a world class Rock drummer, who possessed a charming personality and a lovable persona, he wasn't much of a singer and only just starting as a songwriter. Given Ringo's performances in the films "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" as well as "Candy," perhaps acting was Ringo's calling. His initial recordings certainly confirmed that notion.

Ringo's debut solo album, a collection of standards called "Sentimental Journey," was pleasant enough but provided little hope for the future. The Country oriented follow-up "Beaucoup Of Blues," recorded with some of Nashville's best musicians, also failed to make much of an impression. But Ringo was in luck. He still had the goodwill of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

During The Beatles waning months Ringo was the only one without a significant axe to grind and he often served as an intermediary between The Beatle factions - usually (but not always) Paul versus John and George. Not that his efforts were all that successful (Paul threatened to "get" Ringo at one point) he was still well regarded by the other three.

Lennon and McCartney (separately) wrote songs for Ringo, as did Harrison who also served as guitarist/producer. In addition, top flight producer Richard Perry was also enlisted. Ringo's album "Goodnight Vienna," ('74) had contributions by the other three Beatles (again separately) and Elton John. These combined efforts produced was a relatively long list of agreeable pop singles and one classic, the Ringo composed (Harrison produced), "It Don't Come Easy."

By the early '80s, no longer receiving as much help as he had (and having pushed his vocal talents to the limit), Ringo's recording career stalled. He continued to get some acting roles in lesser projects. It was on one of those films, the forgettable "Caveman" that Ringo met second wife Barbara Bach (who'd earlier been a James Bond siren). Both careers had seen better days. Having gone from his excellent work in "A Hard Day's Night" to his acceptable effort in "Magic Christian," Ringo became the conductor's voice (a job he shared with comedian George Carlin - Ringo did it better) for two seasons ('84 -'86) on the "Thomas The Tank Engine Train" children's series.

In the '90s, Ringo launched Ringo's All-Starr Band, which toured extensively.

Ringo's 15th solo album, "Liverpool 8" was issued in '08. He co-wrote all the tracks and co-produced with Mark Hudson and Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart.

"Y Not" landed two years later. It was the first time Ringo produced an album. After not being heavily involved in the production of Beatles' records and having top-flight producers guide his solo work, Ringo felt now was the time to take the helm.

McCartney played on the set's lead single "Walk With You" which was co-written by Ringo and Van Dyke Parks (best known for his work with the Beach Boys). Also contributing their talents were The Eagles Joe Walsh (Ringo's brother-in-law), Stewart (again) and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' keyboardist Benmont Tench.

"Ringo 2012" came and went without much notice. But that was not the case with his next album, "Postcards From Paradise."

Preceding the album's '15 release Ringo landed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and was the subject of a very positive, complimentary article. The magazine gave the album three stars (Good) out of five. This time around, Ringo's All-Starr help came from Walsh, Peter Frampton and Richard Marx.

"Give More Love" was next. Once again, Ringo got positive notices from Rolling Stone.

Recorded in L.A., the album featured his usual accomplices: Paul McCartney (he's really talented but needs to escape Ringo's shadow), Joe Walsh (Ringo employs him so he won't have his brother-in-law crashing on his couch), and Peter Frampton (Ringo has tried to 'show him the way').

For all his good works and his "services to music," Ringo was knighted in '17 as part of Queen Elizabeth's annual New Year's Honours.
Ringo Starr Discography


1970 Sentimental Journey
1970 Beaucoups Of Blues
1973 Ringo
1974 Goodnight Vienna
1976 Ringo's Rotogravure
1977 Ringo The 4th
1978 Bad Boy
1981 Stop And Smell The Roses
1983 Old Wave
1992 Time Takes Time
1998 Vertical Man
1999 I Wanna Be Santa Claus
2003 Ringo Rama
2005 Choose Love
2008 Liverpool 8
2012 Y Not
2012 Ringo 2012
2015 Postcards From Paradise
2017 Give More Love

Aside from being one of Rock's greatest drummers, Ringo is also one of the most likable people in the music business. He approaches songs with an affable charm. It's something his ex-Beatle bandmates, as great as they were, never mastered. If Ringo had sung "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da it surely wouldn't be the grimace inducing song that it is.

Ringo's best song is "It Don't Come Easy." If you want more, "Blast From Your Past" delivers the hits and there are a good number of them. But ultimately, Ringo is a singles act. Another argument for "Blast From Your Past."

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