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It was a classic case of people with mutual interests operating at cross purposes.

Punk is for exiles and self-selected exiles. It's 'us' versus 'them'. There can be no compromise. But even Punks bands can use publicity.

The music media, struggling to stay both relevant and profitable, are on a frantic search for the 'next thing'. It doesn't have to be a 'big thing', just a new one. And when there's something new the trick is to turn it into dollars.

D.C. Punk band Priests, who formed around the same time as the Occupy Wall Street movement, were invited by Pitchfork media to play a showcase in Brooklyn - sponsored by the footwear company Dr. Martens.

Rather than bail or risk being called corporate sell-outs, Priests showed up, tossed burritos into the crowd, and thanked Chipotle for 'sponsoring' the concert.

"We're trying to figure out our own rules, collectively, rather than somebody else's," explained frontwoman Katie Allen Greer, who moved from Michigan to D.C.

Drummer Daniele Daniele hailed from Brooklyn, while guitarist G.L. Jaguar and bassist Taylor Mulitz were born in D.C.

The Brooklyn showcase was one of a seemingly endless series of appearances for the politically oriented group but they did manage to issue a seven song EP in '14 titled "Bodies And Control And Money And Power," featuring the songs "Doctor" ("You put your fingers in other people's mouths all day, don't you doctor?") and lead single, "Right Wing" ("Everything . . . so right wing"). The latter was a perfect track from a group operating out of the nation's capital.

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2014 Bodies And Control And Money And Power

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