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Powerman 5000

There are a couple things you can do when your older brother is a major Rock star. You can work in a record store, smile politely when people ask the inevitable question and answer, "Yes, he's my brother. He was always kinda out there." Or you can follow in your brother's footsteps and be constantly compared to him. Mike Cummings chose the latter fate. A couple years after older brother Rob made the transformation to Rob Zombie, Mike picked up the MC Spider handle.

Interestingly, the Cummings boys did not come from a musical family yet both traveled down the same Thrash Rock path though Mike, with Powerman 5000, incorporated funk and rap elements. In early '89 the 12-inch single "Much Evil" was released under the MC Spider banner. Its success in hometown Boston, led to the formation of PM5K with Dorian Heartsong-bass, Allan Pahanish-drums and DJ Brian. Guitarist Adam Williams (a.k.a. Adam 12) signed on in '91. Also, percussionist Jordan Cohen joined in '93 but left in '97. Soon the group built a serious East Coast cult following that led to the '95 indie release "The Blood Splat Rating System" (named after a magazine's violence rating for gory films). Two years later, with DJ Brian out and guitarist Mike Tempesta on board, "Blood Splat" was re-mixed. A couple of new tracks were added and the whole thing was released as the dark and brooding "Mega! Kung Fu Radio." The EP "True Force" also appeared in '97. The maniacal "Tonight The Stars Revolt" roared out in '99.

Powerman 5000  Discography

It would be hard to top "Mega! Kung Fu Radio" as Powerman 5000's premier effort though "Tonight The Stars Revolt" is no slouch. "Mega!" features the breaks, belches and raspy noise of "Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly" and the Rockin' comet "Car Crash." "Tonight" roles out the sci-fi lyrics, earth shakin' riffs and plenty of hooks.

PM5K has had their songs show up all over the place, including but not limited to, "MTV's Return of the Roc-Vol. 1" ("When Worlds Collide"), the exceptional "Dracula 2000" soundtrack ("Ultra Mega"), "Scream 3" ("Get On, Get Off"), "Jailbait," "End of Days," "Titan A.E" and the "Bride of Chucky."

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