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Potty Mouth

Smith College is a private, independent women's liberal arts college with coed graduate and certificate programs, located in Northampton, MA. It is the largest member of the Seven Sisters.

With the exception of singer/guitarist Abby Weems, who was recruited from the local Punk scene, Potty Mouth band members attended Smith College.

When the group formed Weems and Phoebe Harris were just learning to play guitar. What made it work was the comfort level provided in an all-female band. "It had a lot to do with the fact that we had no expectations," stated Weems. "We did it for fun and it just snowballed." The group's first show, at a house, was in '11.

From there, Potty Mouth, not the sort of name one would expect from Smith alum, released the "Sun Damage" EP. Almost immediately, they were pigeon-holed as Riot Grrrls. This led the group to point out that "gender is not genre."

Having waged the battle early and stood their ground, the gender prejudices and assumptions started to dissipate. Potty Mouth's first full-length album, "Hell Bent," a Punk/Pop effort according to Pitchfork Media, dropped in '13.

Following their appearance at South By Southwest (SXSW) but prior to the group's first national tour, Harris left "to pursue illustration more seriously."

"It's what I went to school for... it's something I've been trying to do while I'm in the band, but I've never been able to do it to the extent that I want to," added Harris.

There was talk of bringing in another guitarist but Potty Mouth decided to go forward as a trio.

Their song "Cherry Picking" was included on The Playlist, Rolling Stone magazine's list of favorite songs, albums and videos. The blurb compared them to The Breeders and the Cars while referring to the song as Alt. Rock.

Potty Mouth Discography


2013 Hell Bent

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