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The Postelles

A group of high school friends from Manhattan's Upper West Side start a band and became successful. Well yes, that could be The Strokes - but in this case it's not. Aside from the uptown pedigree, The Postelles do have a Strokes link - guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. produced their four-track EP "White Night."

Rolling Stone magazine said The Postelles sound "equally influenced by The Strokes and The Knack." Spin, Pitchfork and Entertainment Weekly chimed in. Even the New York Post, taking a break from the latest sex scandal, called them "hopelessly catchy."

Rolling Stone was compelled to add, "The Postelles channel Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello and - more recently - the Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes." There's The Strokes again.

But even as the press jumped onboard, a guy (likely) named Max wrote on the Rolling Stone blog, "THIS BAND SUCKS!

These guys wldnt (sic) be on here if it weren't for The Strokes connection."*

According to Hammond, who should know, that wasn't the reason. "They found a cool sound reminiscent of the late Fifties, early Sixties that I really liked, but they had their own take on it," said the guitarist.

Leave it to Hammond to go a whole sentence without mentioning The Strokes.

"White Night" came out on Astralwerks/Capitol Records. And if there's the one thing a major label knows how to do, it's creating a buzz about a band.

*In the interest of full disclosure, all the other blog comments were positive.
The Postelles Discography


2011 The Postelles
2013 ...And It Shook Me

Max is wrong The Postelles don't suck. In fact, they are very good.

It seems sadly ironic that The Knacks' frontman Doug Fieger passed away just days before The Postelles' "White Night" EP dropped. He probably would have appreciated the musical connection.

The Postelles have the cheery, uptempo sound with "My Sharona" pulsating through their veins. And while they also tread close to The Strokes, the posing is absent - which is kinda nice since The Strokes had a knack that other bands lacked for pulling it off.

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