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Perfect Pussy

Meredith Graves, frontwoman for Perfect Pussy, a Punk band from Syracuse, NY knows how to get to people. When discussing the band's less than conventional name she stated it was a "projection of self-esteem; a sort of heading off at the gate for potential detractors."

As the offspring of a musical theatre actress, Graves added that her "two primary interests have been making music and playing dress-up." She worked as a stitcher for a theater during her college years and later as a seamstress and alterationist.

In an interview with Elle magazine Graves said, "I sort of dress like Mia Farrow attempting to go undercover at a Boy Scouts meeting."

Some bands are happy accidents. Count Perfect Pussy as one of them. First, there was a Syracuse Noise Punk band called Shoppers which included Graves. But that group imploded. Second, director Scott Coffey was filming Adult World in Syracuse. The movie was about an aspiring poet (Emma Roberts) who reluctantly accepts a job at a sex shop while she pursues a mentorship with a reclusive writer (played by John Cusack).

Coffey asked Graves to assemble a "fake" Punk band for the film and come up with a song. To accomplish this Graves recruited other former Shoppers. Funny thing, by the time the film was in the can, Perfect Pussy was a real band.

They played the CMJ festival and released a four-song demo cassette entitled "I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling."

In '14, Perfect Pussy rolled out their full-length debut, "Say Yes To Love." The album earned excellent reviews from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone magazine (4 stars out of 5).
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2014 Say Yes To Love

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