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Panic Channel

Guitarist Dave Navarro has cut a wide swath. He's best known for stints in Jane's Addiction ('86 - '91 and '02 -'04) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (for one album - "One Hot Minute"). Following Jane's Addiction's demise in '04, Navarro has consistently managed to keep his name in circulation.

He appeared on FOX`s "America`s Most Wanted" to discuss how the show helped catch his mother's murderer. Caroline Navarro was shot in '83 and her killer was apprehended 13 years later on a tip from a viewer.

Next Navarro turned up at the second annual Vegas Rock Star Poker Tournament and Sweepstakes. Navarro participated in the CBS reality series Rock Star and then Rock Star: Supernova, which also featured Gilby Clarke (formerly with Guns N' Roses ) on guitar, Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica) on bass and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue on drums.

Then, he and porn star Jenna Jameson co-hosted a three-day Erotica LA adult-film industry event. That last appearance may have led to the other big news of '06. Actress-model, T.V. "personality," Tara Patrick, otherwise known as Carmen Electra, filed for divorce from Navarro less than a month after they announce their separation. In papers filed in Los Angeles, Electra blamed "irreconcilable differences" for the breakup. Electra and Navarro were married less than three years.

On a happier note, Navarro and two other former Jane's Addiction members, Chris Chaney (bass), Stephen Perkins (drums), recruited singer-guitarist Steve Isaacs, a former MTV VJ who played the lead in the Broadway incarnation of The Who's Tommy, to form Panic Channel. The band's named refers "to a state of panic induced by the world media," says Navarro. "We like to think of creating music as a way to channel the panic into something tangible." Panic Channel's debut album "ONe" was released August 15th, '06.

Panic Channel Discography


2006 ONe

Here's the first question. Is Panic Channel really just Jane's Addiction without Perry Ferrell. No, this outfit has gone in another direction. Is Panic Channel a supergroup? Though press materials uttered the dreaded word, Panic Channel really is three guys from Jane's Addiction with a promising vocalist. But once the "supergroup" tag got disseminated expectations rose accordingly. Too bad.

Critics pounced on "ONe" calling it listless and uninspired. Far from brilliant, "ONe" does have some positives. The set opens with the epic-sounding "Teahouse Of The Spirits" which features interesting sonic and rhythmic combinations. The mournful "Bloody Mary" ("Mary's got your medicine tonight") is effective as is the mid-tempo acoustic ballad "Outsider." Only on "Awake" with its soft verse/loud chorus does the group show any real fire. The remainder of the album is filled with good, if undistinguished tracks, marred on occasion by simplistic lyrics ("good things will come along, just wait" on "Listen" and "when you lie next to me I can be superman" from "Lie Next To Me"). Sometimes it's hard not to laugh out loud.

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