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From his native New York to Puerto Rico, then to south Florida, drummer Robb Rivera traveled a long road to find success. Rivera had started Nonpoint Factor in Puerto Rico but wasn't happy with the results or the possibilities, so he re-located. Auditioning vocalists, Rivera came across New Jersey born, Ft. Lauderdale raised, Elias Soriano and hired him on the spot.

Meanwhile, another south Florida group, Fuse, had guitarist Andrew Goldman and bassist KB. They soon joined Nonpoint rounding out the quartet. This made Nonpoint one of the few inter-racial Rock groups with Rivera and Soriano sharing a Puerto Rican heritage.

Hitting the Florida club circuit in '97 the group built a large and enthusiastic "no holds barred" Metal following.

Their first CD was the indie release, "Separate Yourself." That was followed in '99, by "Struggle" on the Jugular label. The noise "Struggle" made got Nonpoint signed to MCA where they launched their major label debut "Statement" in '00. The album held the Rap-Rocker "Mind Trip" and the power chord slammer "Victim," plus "What A Day."

Sophomore set "Development" entered the Billboard charts at #52 and contained the singles "Your Signs" and "Circles." The latter was featured in NASCAR Thunder 2003.

It would be eight years, three studio albums - "Recoil" ('04), "To The Pain" ('05) and "Vengeance" ('07), one live set - "Live And Kicking" ('06), and an EP - "Cut The Cord" ('08) before Nonpoint would enjoy a similar commercial success.

After "Recoil," Nonpoint signed with Bieler Bros. Records, co-owned by Jason Bieler who produced "Settlement," "Development" and "Recoil."

Nonpoint's cover of Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight," originally on "Recoil," became theme song for the '06 Miami Vice movie. It was heard during the closing credits and was on the soundtrack album. Collins' original version was used on the debut episode of the TV series (that inspired the film).

"To The Pain" had the single "Bullet With A Name." Two years after its release, the song was featured on the "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007" video game and in the '07 film The Condemned. "Alive And Kicking" was also featured on "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007."

The '06 CD/DVD combo, "Live And Kicking" was taken from a Fort Lauderdale show recorded earlier in the year.

Nonpoint's "Vengeance" kept the wrestling video connection going. The single "March Of War" was on "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008."

At this juncture, the group hit a rough spot. While on tour in '07 Soriano broke his foot while performing but managed to finish the show. A year later, original guitarist Andrew Goldman left to "pursue interests outside the world of music." Chicago-based guitarist Zach Broderick was enlisted.

Then Rivera announced that the group had left Bieler Bros. and were seeking a new label and management.

The EP "Cut The Cord" with acoustic versions of "What A Day" "Circles" "Rabia" "Victim" and "Your Signs," was issued by the group's 954 Records.

"Miracle" dropped in '10 and debuted #59 on the Billboard 200, making it the second-highest debut in the group's career. It also debuted at #6 on Billboard's Hard Rock Albums chart and #11 on the Alternative Albums chart, Nonpoint's highest debuts on those surveys. And finally, "Miracle" peaked at #1 on Amazon's Hard Rock chart.

But prior to the recording of their next album, Nonpoint announced a change.

"After years of performing together, Nonpoint have confirmed that the band will be moving on without the service of guitarist Zach Broderick and founding member bassist Ken MacMillan. Founding members frontman Elias Soriano and drummer Robb Rivera will continue writing with new members for the forthcoming new Nonpoint album."

Dave Lizzio filled the guitar slot while Adam Woloszyn took over on bass.

The 'best of' package "Icon" spanned the band's earlier major label years, rarities and acoustic versions.

With producer Johnny K (3 Doors Down, Staind, Sevendust), Nonpoint issued a self-titled album in '12.

"Breaking Skin," the lead single from "The Return," arrived in August '14, six weeks before the album.

Around this period, BC Kochmit took over on lead guitar following Lizzio's dismissal.

And there were more changes. Having left the Razor & Tie imprint, Nonpoint signed with Spinefarm Records for their ninth album "The Poison Red." The set featured the track "Generation Idiot."

Staying on their near decade long practice of an album every two years, Nonpoint released "X," in '18. "The album is aggressive… we've really, internally, taken it to another level and really challenged ourselves," stated Soriano of the group's tenth full-length non-indie label release.

Nonpoint Discography


1998 Separate Yourself
1999 Struggle
2000 Statement
2002 Development
2004 Recoil
2005 To the Pain
2007 Vengeance
2010 Miracle
2012 Nonpoint
2014 The Return
2016 The Poison Red
2018 X

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