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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Oasis was one of the biggest bands of the '90s. Led by the intemperate brothers Noel (guitar) and Liam (vocals) Gallagher, they produced three definitive albums, "Definitely Maybe" ('94), "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" ('95) and "Be Here Now" ('97). Through it all, the world witnessed on-stage arguments, backbiting and temper tantrums that took sibling rivalry to jaw-dropping depths.

After a couple of disappointing albums ("Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" being one of them), it looked as though Oasis' Beatles grounded, '60s Brit Rock influenced run was winding down - relatively peacefully. Amazingly, they didn't disband or disappear but rebounded, though relations between Noel and his kid brother always seemed dicey - even when things appeared to be going well, there was a tension just below the surface.

So a backstage fight just prior to the band's scheduled appearance at the '09 Rock en Seine Festival in Paris, where Liam reportedly smashed his brother's guitar, seemed par for the course. Their manager cancelled the show and many thought the whole thing would just blow over (like it always had).

Not this time. Just two hours later, Noel announced on the band's website that he had left Oasis. And a few days down the road, Liam stated that he was planning to continue Oasis despite Noel's absence - which is kind of what he did by forming Beady Eye with his fellow Oasis refugees. That band recorded an album and toured.

Noel appeared to be the odd man out but that changed with the formation of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. The group's self-titled debut dropped in late '11 - over two years after the Oasis implosion.

"I've got tons of songs leftover from the last one," stated Gallagher in a '13 interview. "I'll definitely make another one (an album), that's for sure! It'll probably come out when it's finished, I don't know." Always good to be vague.

Later, Gallagher initially thought that the songs written solely for the new album were his 'best songs ever'. "Until I heard 'Rock And Roll Star' on the radio, and go, 'Yeah - it's not that good!"

Work on the album intruded on one of Gallagher's passions, the World Cup. Gallagher was forced to miss attending the '14 edition because he was too busy recording.

Containing the single, "In the Heat Of The Moment," Noel Gallagher & the High Flying Birds released their sophomore set "Chasing Yesterday" in early '15. "Ballad Of Mighty I" featured The Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr.

Both Gallagher Brothers were busy in '17, though obviously not working together. Liam released his debut solo album, "As You Were." Weeks later, Noel's High Flying Birds countered with their third album, "Who Built The Moon?"

Produced by Noel and David Holmes, guest musicians included Paul Weller (The Jam) on "Holy Mountain" and Marr (again) for "If Love Is The Law." Holmes also brought in bassist Jason Falkner.

It was the Birds' first album since the departure of drummer Jeremy Stacey and guitarist Tim Smith. They were replaced by former Oasis members, Chris Sharrock, who was originally considered for High Flying Birds but had just joined Liam's Beady Eye, and Gem Archer, respectively. Archer joined in time to contribute to the album. Jessica Greenfield was added on backing vocals and keyboards prior to the album's release.

Being from Manchester it made perfect sense to have Gallagher and his band headline the '17 "We Are Manchester" benefit concert to mark the re-opening of the Manchester Arena following a terrorist attack three months earlier during an Ariana Grande concert.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Discography


2011 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
2015 Chasing Yesterday
2017 Who Built The Moon?

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