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New Found Glory

"From The Screen To Your Stereo" EP was one of those oddball concepts that occasionally fall out of the blue. Following the indie release of "Nothing Gold Can Stay" which was picked up and re-released by MCA, New Found Glory embarked on a covers project.

Groups often record songs by favored predecessors but to record a set that featured bland pop songs unfamiliar to anyone under forty was a stretch. Genius or inane? The good news was they Rocked through some of the deadest MOR pop driftwood ever, including "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," composed by pop songwriting machine Diane Warren. "The Glory of Love" which, in a different form, appeared in one of the "Karate Kid" films. "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" and "My Heart Will Go On" are there as well. They slammed through the songs, which was about all they could do. To say they exceeded the material would be an understatement.

NFG came together in the summer of '97 with vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, drummer Cyrus Bolooki and guitarists Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein. The group hit the East Coast club circuit and earned a solid reputation as a powerful, energetic live act.

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" with "You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania" and "Winter of '95" got NFG a major label deal. Next came "From The Screen To Your Stereo." New Found Glory's self-titled CD, their second full-length effort, rolled out in '00 with "Hit Or Miss." "It's All About The Girls," which was a re-issue of NFG's debut EP (originally released in '97), hit the stores in April, '01. "Catalyst" arrived three years later.

On the heels of a supporting tour for "Catalyst" NFG began work on their fifth album, "Coming Home." "(The album is) less guitar driven and more melody driven... more than any other of our records," said Klein. "Everything about the record is way more Classic Rock sounding." The album, the last recorded for Geffen, arrived in '06.

It's always tempting to go back to the well. In Hollywood, sequels are just about as prevalent as original scripts. They're money in the bank. Seven years after "From the Screen to Your Stereo," volume 2, a full-length effort, was issued containing 80's gems "Head Over Heels" (Tears For Fears), "King Of Wishful Thinking" (Go West) and "Crazy For You" (Madonna). Then came another EP "Tip Of The Iceberg" and a "best of" package logically titled "Hits," with two new tracks, "Situations" and "Constant Static."

Produced by Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus NFG unfurled "Not Without A Fight." "These guys wanted to come out swinging," said Hoppus of the '09 album. "So we went in and tracked what I think is the hardest-hitting NFG record to date. We worked really hard to get great, gritty guitars, big drums, edgy bass, and Jordan is singing stronger than he ever has."

Grushka was a bit more emphatic in stating his desires. "My goal for this album is to sell more copies then we did of 'Coming Home.' We are so happy to be on Epitaph now. Our old A&R guy at Geffen was a tool so it would be like a 'f**k you' to him when we sell more CDs." While the album just missed Billboard's Top 10, peaking at #12, it did reach #1 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

The '11 set, "Radiosurgery," marked the return of producer Neal Avron who worked on "New Found Glory," " Sticks And Stones" and "Catalyst."

"{It} is the most upbeat, fun record we've ever recorded," said Gilbert. "Catchy but not in a fake pop sounding way. I wanted to go back to more of the roots of Punk Rock and Pop Punk and put a whole new NFG spin on it. The record goes from song to song never letting up the energy."

New Found Glory released "Kill It Live," in '13. The group's first live album featured 17 tracks recorded during the band's two sold out concerts earlier in the year at Chain Reaction, an all-ages venue in Anaheim, CA.

That same year, Klein departed and was soon facing criminal charges - lewd conduct with a minor. The group pressed on.

New Found Glory embarked on a U.K. tour in early '14. Just months later, they announced they were leaving Epitaph Records for Hopeless Records. Their label debut, "Resurrection" arrived in October with the singles "Selfless" and "Ready And Willing." It was their first album without Klein.

New Found Glory Discography


1999 Nothing Gold Can Stay
2000 From The Screen To Your Stereo (EP)
2000 New Found Glory
2002 Sticks And Stones
2004 Catalyst
2006 Coming Home
2007 From The Screen To Your Stereo Vol. 2
2009 Not Without A Fight
2011 Radiosurgery
2013 Kill It Live
2014 Resurrection

New Found Glory's self-titled CD is the one to get. Entirely written by the group, the set features "Better Off Dead," "Second To Last," "Vegas" and the high powered "Hit Or Miss." "Nothing Can Stay Gold," NFG's full-length debut is a strong set. "From The Screen To Your Stereo" EP is surprisingly good, given it's empty-headed pop songs that landed on movie soundtracks. Thankfully, there's little resemblance to the original versions. "From the Screen to Your Stereo, Vol. 2" is more (much more) of the same as tunes are re-invented in a power-pop Punk blender.

Whether "Coming Home" was a victim of label manipulation or the group simply being worn out, due to label interference, it's a lackluster effort. There are acoustic guitars and pop-oriented material obviously designed to expand the band's audience. This tactic has been known to work but it doesn't here.

"Not Without A Fight" is aptly titled. Having Hoppus at the controls was a great idea. Back in the day, NFG opened for Blink 182. Hoppus probably knows the group as well as anyone - and it shows. They roll through the songs fast and furious without any weak-kneed ballads getting in the way. Not every track is stellar but there aren't any duds either.

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