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Prika Amaral started Nervosa, a Brazilian Thrash Metal band, in '10. How she got to that point can be easily traced.

"My mother had many vinyls, and I was crazy with 'Houses Of The Holy' from Led Zeppelin," Amaral stated. "I was five and I loved this album and loved the art cover." In addition to Zeppelin, Amaral's mother also played generous amounts of Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.

Nervosa bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira had a pair of influences. They were her father, also bass player and her childhood idol, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.

A series of drummers came and went before Pitchu Ferraz arrived in '13. She had studied drums and percussion, graduating from the Souza Lima Conservatory.

Prior to Ferraz joining, Nervosa released their debut video for "Masked Betrayer" which reached thousands of YouTube viewers.

The group toured with Metal's lesser lights, before issuing the '14 set "Victim Of Yourself." The album was particularly notable for the ghoulish cover - a theme continued on subsequent Nervosa releases.

The set garnered generally favorable reviews and tour dates leading to the group's '16 release "Agony," which contained the track "Intolerance Means War."

Nervosa issued "Downfall Of Mankind" two years later. Recorded in Sao Paulo and produced by Martin Furia, it was the group's third full-length set. "We're really happy about this new album," Lira stated. "It's a way more mature and aggressive record and we can definitely say it's our favorite so far!"

Nervosa Discography


2014 Victim Of Yourself
2016 Agony
2018 Downfall Of Mankind

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