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Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack issued their fourth album, the Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) produced "My Dinosaur Life," in early '10. Selling just under 27,000 copies in its first week, the band's debut album for Columbia Records landed at #15 on Billboard's Top 40 Albums.

The group formed over a decade earlier in Minneapolis around vocalist/guitarist Justin Pierre and lead guitarist Joshua Cain. A 7" inch single ("Promenade/Carolina") and an EP ("Kids For America") preceded the group's full-length debut, 02's "I Am The Movie". Band members came and went before the arrival of drummer Tony Thaxton and bassist Matt Taylor. Though Taylor joined after "I Am The Movie" was finished he went into the studio and re-recorded the album's bass lines for "legal" reasons. Keyboardist Jesse Johnson worked with Cain at a pizza shop and was added just three weeks prior to recording.

Even though "I Am The Movie" was re-issued by Epitaph Records the following year it failed to have much impact. '04's "Commit This To Memory" was Hoppus' first production with the group. He and Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump were heard on the set's debut single "Everything Is Alright." A file sharing snafu held the album back but "Commit This To Memory" still raised the group's profile.

Two sets of producers, including The Cars' legendary frontman Ric Ocasek, worked on '07's "Even If It Kills Me." While there were concerns about consistency, the set made its debut at #16 on the Billboard album survey and claimed the #1 spot on the Indie Chart.

With Hoppus back at the helm, Motion City Soundtrack rolled out "My Dinosaur Life." "There's an edge on this record that I'm really excited about getting into," said Hoppus. "But it still has all the catchiness of everything that I personally love about Motion City Soundtrack."

With that said, Motion City Soundtrack announced their break-up and the launch of a farewell trek. Their So Long, Farwell Tour kicked off in Portland, OR.

Motion City Soundtrack Discography


2003 I Am The Movie
2005 Commit This To Memory
2007 Even If It Kills Me
2010 My Dinosaur Life
2012 Go
2015 Panic Stations

"Skin And Bones" is one of the outstanding tracks on "My Dinosaur Life." The song ponders "What if there's nothing more to me? I'm just skin and bones, there's no mystery." We may just be "pixie dust" after all. This metaphysical bent appears throughout but Motion City Soundtrack has the good sense to charge through their songs without letting weighty question weigh them down.

"Stand Too Close" begins like a typical acoustic ballad that seems to populate every Rock album but quickly picks up the tempo and adds an electric guitar. The song benefits from the difference between what is expected and what is delivered. "Worker Bee," "A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)," and 'Pulp Fiction" drive this set along with the Taylor's bass breaks on "@!#@!"

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